Diabolik lovers season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Characters

Diabolik lovers season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Characters

Diabolik lovers season 3 Characters. The Creators have Renewed the anime Series and give the green signal. The Official Release date is not Announced yet but expects in 2022.

Diabolik lovers season 3 introduction:

Diabolik is a romantic mystery anime series that has previous 2 parts more. It has the best Japanese movie series and it has a Japanese name is (Diaborikku Ravazu). Diabolik lovers have widely famous and popular anime series on TV.it has the same name as the anime series and in the novel series. This series has been developed by a gaming production company but and thus they released 7 of its related games. They focused on the topics of Vampire, wolf, and many more. The production company name is Rejet.

Diabolik lovers season 3 has the best gaming for play station. The first version was released on the 11th of October 2012. This is the portable gaming for play station. However, The production of this game reject, have been released its new version every 2 years after. Rejet has released its 7th version in March 2019 which will be playable on the Nintendo Switch. Then the big company from japan has approached the rejection, and it tries to make anime series for the first time on television.

The first season was released on the 16th of September 2013. The series continuing to the 23rd of September 2015. However, The game and the season of diabolic lovers have the same level of popularity. Also, Now we are more discussing bout all the details of the storyline, casting, and premier of this Diabolik lovers season.

The continuous storyline of Diabolik lovers season 3:

This is the story of 6 vampire brothers which has a lot of mysterious life themselves. The vampire brothers are famous as the name of Sakamaki. They found a very beautiful girl named Yui. Yui is a school-going girl. Yui is a very beautiful and cute girl she has no siblings and she lived with her father. One day when Yui is going to the school then after returning from school, she had to rush out of the mansion of 6 vampire brothers and she never comes out from there again. But she tried to come out from the mansion but failed she kidnapped by the vampires.

Later on, she comes to know that she will be the future bride of 6 vampire brothers and she had early no interest in them. But when she realized their real-life fact then she had developed some sympathy for them. Then she met with the mother of Ayato, Kanto, and Laito. Her name is Cordelia. She fell in love with their younger brother ritcher. She is killed by her younger brother of Cordelia’s husband. Before died, she had asked for a ritcher that take her heart and fixed it into some other body.

Continuous from Diabolik lovers season 2

Ritcher takes out her heart and he starts to find a suitable body for fixing her heart into it. The brother saved that innocent Yui’s body. However, In season 2, the story goes on continuously, and the story begins where the first season was ended. Also, In this season 2, the mukami family kidnaps the yui from the mansion of the vampires. After that kidnapping, she began to live with them for a short period. After some struggle, Ayato saved her life. When season 2 is ending then a set of wolves was attacked on the mukami’s family and the Sakamaki’s also. 

In season 3, the story of season 2 will be continuous where it is ended? So there are many questions in the minds of the fans that are who the wolves are? And why they attacking both families? However, All the answers will be found in the next season of Diabolik lovers season 3. Also, Fans of this movie are very exciting to know the story of this movie

The cast and characters of Diabolik lovers season 3:

Diabolik lovers season 3 has not revealed out its casting although they don’t even release any clue related to its story. The story of diabolic lovers has revolved around the main 3 characters group. Which are mentioned in this article so scroll down softly and read all the information of casting and characters of this movie. 

Yui Komori:

Yui Komori

Yui is a very beautiful and school-going girl. She is 17 years old girl. She lived with her old father. One day when she came from school one mysterious person kidnapped her on her way and takes her into the mansion of vampires. The vampire family’s name is Sakamaki’s. The family consists of 6 vampire brothers.

The Sakamaki’s family characters:

Sakamaki’s family characters

The Sakamaki’s consists of 6 vampire brothers and they lived in a haunted mansion. The name of the 6 vampire brothers are:


Reiji Sakamaki

Ayato Sakamaki

Kanato Sakamaki

Laito Sakamaki

Subaru Sakamaki

Kino Sakamaki.

The Mukami’s family characters:

Mukami’s family characters

In diabolik lovers characters mukami had 4 vampire brothers. The name of vampires are:

Ruki Mukami

Kou Mukami

Yuma Mukami

Azusa Mukami

The promo and release date of Diabolik lovers season 3:

The fans of this movie are kept expecting its new season but the production and management of Diabolik lovers season 3 have not any confirmed news of making this movie. The expected date of airing its promo and releasing will be 2022. 

The IMDB rating of Diabolik lovers season 3:

As the fans of this movie are had a lot number of watching it. But in the IMDb rating, the series of Diabolik lover series has got 5.2 out of 10 points on ranting. 

The dubbed languages available:

Japanese are not only the lover of anime series rather than the world is full of anime lovers so here are the dubbed language movies are available on amazon prime video. The user of any area or country can also enjoy this movie.

The last words:

This series has full of mysteries and secrets of the living style of vampires and wolf also. The story is something about a school-going girl named Yui. She was kidnapped by the vampires and then after some time she killed and her heart kept to fix in another body but the Sakamaki’s brother finds to save her body. The mysterious story goes on until the 3rd season will be aired on the television channels. Here we have provided complete detail of Diabolik lovers season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Characters. So keep reading the post.

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