Best V Neck Colors To Wear At Work Events

Best V Neck Colors To Wear At Work Events

A V-neck t-shirt is an excellent substitute for official button-down shirts to wear under your work blazers and sports coats for the office and work events. Especially in summer, when the weather is warmer, and you want more space and freedom to move. Here is details about best V Neck Colors for events.

Business casual dress code gives you that freedom, and with today’s availability of awesome V-necks tees online and in physical stores, you can easily find that perfect piece!

The only thing to consider besides the high-quality and correct fit of the tee is its color. Not sure which one to pick? You’re in the right place as today we’re talking about the best V neck colors to wear at work events. 

 Choosing V Neck Colors

Did you know that colors can affect your mood and the people around us? They can also affect how other people perceive us, so you want to be careful about what you want to communicate in a professional setting.

Unless you’re working in a very creative environment, you may want to stick to neutral and more subdued colours, except for the summer when some brighter shades are more welcome. 

Staying neutral with your V-neck tees also helps avoid pairing mistakes when it comes to styling them, so keep that in mind. Neutral or dark colors will free you from the headache of trying to come up with intricate combinations constantly.

You also want to avoid logos or graphics on your V-neck tees, no matter the t-shirt color. 

If you’re confident about styling, you may feel freer with bolder colors, but be mindful of the event’s color scheme. You don’t want to carefully pair your emerald green V Neck Colors tee with a lovely grey suit only to find out that green is the official color of the conference or the color of the waiting staff uniform! 

Best colors

While it’s entirely up to you which colors to choose for your work event attire, we’ve put together a short guide that might help simplify the process.

As always, it’s essential to opt for high-quality V-neck t-shirts from trusted brands to ensure you look stylish and put together.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to overpower the room and become a distraction. That’s why we recommend avoiding bright primary colors. 

Color suggestions

Navy. Navy is one of the best colors for a work event as it pairs well with most other colors and has a calming effect that can be helpful in stressful situations. It looks great with grey, black, cream, beige, maroon, and charcoal. 

Chocolate brown. Brown is a classic masculine color that is conservative yet more exciting than plain black. It pairs well with mustard yellow, grey, and cream.

Black. You can never go wrong with a black V neck tee under your blazer. It looks well paired with any color on the color wheel, but we recommend styling it with grey, khaki, mustard yellow, navy, and olive green. 

Charcoal. Charcoal is a dark grey and blue mix that resembles ashes or coal. Such tee will look amazing with mustard yellow, burgundy, maroon, brown, black and grey blazer and trousers. 

Maroon. Maroon is a brownish crimson color similar to chestnuts. It looks well with dar brow, black, grey, and khaki. A maroon V-neck is a beautiful way to liven up a conservative look.

Pastels. Neutral shades can be a welcome addition to your summer work event look, from purple to pink pastels to blues. They will brighten up the look in no time, so look for such a V Neck Colors for the summer season.

Forest green. Forest green can be a beautiful addition to your grey suit or charcoal or green blazer! 

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