Who is Alexis Sky? Is Fetty Wapp Alexis Sky Baby Daddy?

Who is Alexis Sky? Is Fetty Wapp Alexis Sky Baby Daddy?

Who is Alexis Sky and Alexis Sky Baby Daddy? Complete details on Her Dating Status. In 2017, Alexis Sky started to date Fetty Wapp. Alexis Sky is one of the most famous personalities around, and first time this model made her appearance in the VH1 reality show love and hip hop in New York in 2017. From there, she has got enormous popularity all around, and people start to appreciate her work as well. In this show, she was featured alongside artists Safaree Samuels, Ray J, Teairra Mari, and others on the show.

She just made her debut through it and from there started to reach heights. There is no doubt in the fact that this TV personality is growing day by day, and later on, she becomes an entrepreneur as well. Bella Sky Spa in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded by her in June 2016, which was got closed due to some reasons later. Right now, she is the owner of a fashion line named Curves by Sky and running it successfully. Right now, she is in the news due to her daughter, and everyone wants to know about Alexis Sky daughter Daddy.

If you are also getting curious to know about her, don’t worry because you have landed on the right page, and here we will be going to discuss it.

How did it start?

In 2017, Alexis Sky started to date Fetty Wapp, and this duo is in Limelight after the starting of their relationship. There is no doubt in the fact that they both got spotted with each other most of the time and relatively sharing some pictures on social media as well.

When the guys come into a relationship after some time there was news came out that Alexis Sky gives birth to a baby daughter named Alisiya Grace. She was born three months earlier than the due date by a cesarean, and this happened because the water broke early. At the time of birth, she was only 6 Pounds. The delivery took place on 4th January 2018 in Georgia, and Fetty Wapp was alongside Alexis Sky throughout the delivery. He never left her for a while and was there as a support system all the time.

Who is Alexis Sky Baby Daddy?

After the birth of her baby, Alexis Sky got a tattoo on her hand along with the name of her daughter and date of birth and showcased the date on social media on 24th January 2018. Everyone appreciated her efforts and also let her feel delighted that she is a proud mother.

The major change happened in her life when she came to know that her daughter is diagnosed with hydrocephalus. At the time of birth, she gets to know about this medical condition in which there is some fluid gather inside the brain, and as a result, it can damage it. She hides it for almost and year from social media, and then in November 2018, she broke the news through Instagram. Likewise, a year later, her daughter went for surgery to treat the malfunctioning.

Earlier, no one was aware of it, but then after she got open about it on Instagram, people came to know that she is suffering from such a problem.

Fetty Wap is Alexis Sky’s daughter’s father

Everyone was so sure that Fetty Wap is Alexis Sky’s daughter’s father, but right now, some rumours are coming that he is not her father, and things are not as they have ported. In headlines, multiple things have come out, which let this go to face a lot of trouble. Previously the mother claims that he is her father, but right now, things seem to be messed up; because some Dumas came out that she was not in a relationship at the time of her birth. No one is so sure about the fact that to whom Alysia Grace belongs.

During an interview happened she has mentioned that Fetty Wap was along with her throughout her pregnancy and supported her like a backbone. But right now, things have been changed, and there are a lot of rumours creating problems. There is no doubt in the fact that this entrepreneur is trying her best to cover things up; but there is no surety what will be going to happen. Right now, fans are getting eager to know who the real father is; and they are also digging out her past and want to reach a conclusion as soon as possible.

Turning Point in the life of Alexis sky

All this is started with a recent Instagram post comment of a luxury car dealer Brandon Medford. There was a comment on a post where he has written a daddy’s girl; this let the baby and her mother be in trouble. Right now, it is quite disturbing to know that who is the real father of Alexis’ baby; but somewhere people are assuming that the car dealer belongs to her.

No one is so sure about the things because there was no such clarity given by her; but people are still curious to know to whom she belongs. Multiple sources have claimed that Brandon Bedford is the father of Alexis; but when it comes to looking at the pregnancy time when she was born, Fetty Wap was around with her. Right now, things have become quite complicated for everyone to handle; and no one is sure what will be going to happen next. This duo is into trouble, and let’s see what will happen next.


You might be getting curious to know about things; wanted to know who the real father is? if the scenario was, so stay tuned with us. We will be going to bring out all the details related to her as soon as possible. We suggest you be patient for a while because right now, there is no explanation given by; and about the relationship Alexis Sky is holding with Brandon Medford. We just keep quiet for a while and wait until and unless the duo will move ahead; make an announcement over social media about their relationship status. I hope you can get the required information about Alexis Sky and Alexis Sky Baby Daddy.

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