What does web development mean?

What does web development mean?

Nowadays, web development is very important for business. First of all, because it provides more opportunities for doing business on the Internet. Software is a necessary step for those companies who are interested in developing their business and strive to take it to a new level. However, Entrepreneurs who want to increase their customer base and expand their contacts cannot do business without an electronic page on the Internet, where all information about their activities is published. Although, By ordering web development company in a trusted company, you can be sure that the specialists will answer all questions and advise without any problems.

What is web development and what does it include?

Web development is a process in which tasks related to the development of websites and web applications are solved. Also, Techopedia explains this procedure as coding (programming) that ensures the functionality of the site in accordance with the customer’s requests. The scope of web development is quite wide: from creating simple text pages to the most complex web applications, electronic applications for business and applications for social networks.

The basic principles of a web product include:

  • web design – creating an online site layout, the structure of its pages, easy navigation, user interface, choosing the perfect color scheme, corporate identity, graphics, etc.;
  • programming other tasks.
  • web content – the content of the web pages of the site;
  • web server configuration – software designed to store site data and deliver files to users’ browsers;
  • setting up network security;

To put it more clearly, web development includes all the operations, updates, and actions that are necessary to create, maintain, manage an online resource in order to ensure its optimal performance, speed, and user experience.

Website Development Stages

In order to understand the process of creating a website, you should familiarize yourself with its stages. It must be said that for each client, the development of a digital product takes place on an individual basis. However, there are common tasks when creating any site, which must be solved in a certain sequence:

  1. The first thing to do is to define the goals of the online project. This will provide an opportunity to a clearly structured resource with a clear interface and easy navigation, as well as analyze the degree of return on financial investments.
  2. The second is to study the characteristics of the potential audience. That is, to answer the question of what consumers the site designed for, analyze their preferences, decide on the choice of content to attract new customers and the possibility of creating feedback with them.
  3. The third is to develop terms of reference based on the first two stages. This is one of the most important steps in the development of an Internet resource. The TOR should detailed, contain brief but clear requirements for the website.
  4. The fourth is to start page layout, which means translating the design layout into HTML.
  5. The fifth is to go to the programming of the site. Software development can done either from scratch or based on the CMS administration system. Its task is to make all buttons active. The most commonly used are HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language for browsing web pages), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets); and JavaScript (an embeddable language for accessing application objects programmatically).
  6. The sixth is to place a web-portal on the Internet. To do this, you need to purchase a domain name (address) for it and choose a hosting (physical location).
  7. The seventh is to fill the site with information and materials. The content can provided by the customer himself, or outsourced to a copywriter.
  8. The eighth is to test the web resource for performance.


As you can see, web development is a voluminous and complex process. The task at each stage of the process must performed clearly and correctly. Therefore, to create an online resource for your business it is better to contact an experienced company https://devoxsoftware.com/technology/hire-full-stack-developer/ with a good reputation in the market for these services and be completely calm about your project.

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