What is online counterfeiting and how can you prevent it? 

What is online counterfeiting and how can you prevent it? 

Counterfeiting is an illegal practice, but nevertheless frequently seen. what is counterfeiting and how do people operate? Chances are you have heard someone say: ‘my signature is hard to counterfeit.’ In short, counterfeiting in business is the imitation of something that is authentic. Unfortunately, online counterfeiting is something we see more and more. It is imaginable that copying authentic products, when it’s either a service or some sort of content, can be fatal for businesses. Do you want to know more about counterfeit copies and how to prevent it? We tell you all about it in the text below. 

What are counterfeit goods?  

Counterfeit goods are copies of your product, content or services. Although sometimes they seem harmless, they can really affect your companies’ income. Illegal copies in the physical world can be checked using special technologies. Such technologies are able to check perfumes, shoes or handbags for example, on their authenticity. However, on the internet it is much harder to do so. Illegal copies can easily be found on Amazon or other online marketplaces, but sometimes the selling process takes place on the deeper places in the web.  

Sometimes a counterfeit good can also be an illegal application. To delete such applications, you need professional help. Trained experts can send DMCA notices to notify the owners of the illegal applications that they have been exposed. You can also target the customers or potential downloaders of this app and notify that the app is an illegal copy of the original one.  

What are the benefits of trademark monitoring?

Infringing copies can be a threat to your brand. To delete infringing copies, you would have to make sure to get professional help. On the long while, making use of such services would of course prevent your brand from losing face. This could eventually help to retain customers and keep your trademark. 

What are brand-protecting solutions?

Do you have your own brand, but do you find yourself being the victim of counterfeiting? Then a brand protection software might be of service to your brand. With brand protection solutions, you are not able to prevent illegal copies, but you are able to take them down. With well-thought-out tools, people are able to monitor the deep dark web and find infringing copies. Make sure to make use out of these services to protect your brand against online piracy. 

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