Top Qualities Of The Best Bitcoin Casinos

Top Qualities Of The Best Bitcoin Casinos

The online casino market has received a massive increase in new gamblers over the past few years. One of the main reasons has been down to the total lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. What is the scope of Bitcoin Casinos?

On the other hand, the popularity of physical gambling casinos has been slowly decreasing over the past few years. Instead, many gamblers now prefer online Casinos because of the easy access, and they can log in from the comfort of their homes.

However, with the bitcoin wave taking over many payment platforms and sports betting sites, casino betting platforms have not been left behind. Therefore, many online casinos now accept bitcoin to make transactions. This article summarizes the top qualities of the best Bitcoin casinos and discusses the safety of bitcoin gambling.

Summary of Crypto Casino Gambling

Many gamblers who have been gambling in regular online casinos over the years know they are safe. However, bitcoin casinos offer an improved form of safety. Because of this increased security, gamblers cannot easily hack these casinos, and the money deposited by the player is safe.

Top Qualities of the Best Bitcoin Casinos

There are a lot of bitcoin casinos in the gambling market, with new ones also forming. Therefore it is essential to be able to spot the best bitcoin casinos to enjoy the benefits that come attached to these platforms. Below are the top qualities of the best bitcoin casinos.

● Appealing User Interface 

Navigating through most bitcoin casinos can be complex and confusing due to the poor design and layout. In addition, most gamblers are impatient and do not have the time to be searching through a casino site for their favorite game or slots. Therefore, one quality of the best crypto casinos is that they are well arranged with all their games categorized.

Furthermore, these casinos have a search button in which the gambler can type in any slot game they are looking for, which is made available to them. In addition, the appealing nature of these casinos always makes gaming enjoyable, and it becomes straightforward to lose track of time on these sites.

● Quick and Easy Transactions 

The payment setup of these casinos is not the same, as various platforms employ different technology in carrying out their transactions.

Transactions done by bitcoin are usually speedy compared to that of fiat currency. However, the best bitcoin casinos have less processing time when making deposits or withdrawals. Promises made on quality bitcoin casinos usually take less than a minute or two but generally do not exceed 15 minutes. 

While for withdrawals, compared to most fiat currencies casinos that take 3 to 5 working days to process transactions done by bank transfers, this is not the same for the bitcoin casinos. Moreover, the best crypto casinos spend less time processing their withdrawals, and it usually takes under 15 minutes for you to receive the coin in your wallet.

● Cheaper Transaction Fees 

The transaction charge is relatively high when making deposits and withdrawals on most bitcoin casinos. Moreover, the taxes imposed on these lower-quality casinos can hamper your winnings drastically.

However, the top bitcoin casinos have little or no fees attached to their transactions. Also, due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, no government authority has access to your coin. Your bitcoin can be controlled only by you; therefore, there are no heavy-duty taxes attached to this coin by the government. 

● 24/7 Customer Service 

The best bitcoin casinos provide 24/7 customer support for their customers. Furthermore, they also have a live chat feature with a trained customer representative available to help the gambler when facing any challenges. 

These top casinos allow the bettor to choose different methods of contacting their customer support through mail, phone calls, or social media platforms. In addition, they also have a beneficial FAQ section. 

● High-level Transparency 

The best bitcoin casinos in the Industry today operate on the platform of providing a transparent and fair gambling experience. These top bitcoin casinos do not conceal any information from their players nor try to one-up any of them by reducing winnings or advertising fake bonuses.

● Top-Notch Gaming license 

Various gaming licenses in the gambling industry today are provided by different gaming authorities. However, these licenses all have grades, as some of the benefits one provides may be greater than the other.

The best crypto casinos in the market have one of these three licenses: the Curacao eGaming license, the Malta Gaming Authority, or the United kingdom gambling authority License. Furthermore, you can quickly check for the presence of these licenses by looking for their logo at the bottom of the homepage of these casino sites.

● They Accept other Cryptocurrencies. 

Perhaps one of the essential qualities of these casinos is that they accept other digital currencies besides bitcoin. So despite most coins worth not being up to the level of bitcoin, the best bitcoin casinos still get the most popular coins.

Ethereum, Binance Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are the most popular coins used for gambling besides bitcoin. Although Ethereum may be pretty popular among many bettors, its value cannot match that of bitcoin.

Top Games Offered by Bitcoin Casinos

The best bitcoin casinos have many games that offer high payouts and a high return percentage. Therefore, with these top-quality games they offer, it is tough for a gambler not to make any profit after gambling for a while.

The large variety of games keeps the gambler entertained and allows them to try different games and know which one they have a higher chance of earning. Therefore listed below are some of the games these sites offer.

1 Roulette 

2 Baccarat 

3 Slots

4 Video Poker

5 Blackjack and more.

Bonuses and Promotions on Bitcoin Casinos

There are specific bonuses attached to gambling with bitcoin. Customers who make deposits via bitcoin can easily access these offers. Listed below are some of the bitcoin-related bonuses and promotions these sites offer.

1) 100% Welcome bonus

2) 50% Reload bonus

3) No deposit bonus

4) 150+ Free Spins

5) VIP bonus

Once you meet the wagering requirements on any of the bonuses mentioned above, rewards are automatically made available.

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