Top 10+ SEO Companies in the US

Top 10+ SEO Companies in the US

Whether you have a website, online service, or social media page, SEO is your best friend in today’s digital world. SEO Marketing makes you visible and brings traffic to you – the right kind. 

SEO brings you visitors that could be potential clients and are interested in your work. Otherwise, you might end up attracting those who are just randomly scrolling the web. And while this may bring traffic to your site, it does not help your business in any way.

But if the tricks and tactics of the complex world of SEO are confusing for you, you can always hire an external service, i.e., companies that specialize in SEO management. SEO companies will help increase your rankings on search engines and grow your business.

What is the best SEO Company, you ask? Well, that depends on your personal goals and needs. But to make your life easier, here are some of the best companies in the trade carefully handpicked for your benefit!

Knock Knock Digital

Based in: Windsor, Connecticut & New York City, NY

Want clients knocking on your doorsteps? Then Knock Knock Digital is the one for you. This SEO company has bagged 5-star ratings with outstanding reviews on Clutch. It leads by example and ranks in 1st position on Google SERPs for many keywords. It aims to help businesses expand their reach and has evidently achieved that for its clients.

Services Provided Include: SEO management, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Web Designing, Social Media Marketing

Ignite Visibility

Based in: San Diego, California

Also, This company started its journey in 2013, and now it has gone on to become one of the top competitors in the field of digital marketing using the same strategies it gies to its clients.

Services Provided Include: SEO Consulting, International and Local Search Marketing, Amazon marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising

SEO Brand

Based in: Boca Raton, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Hollywood

Founded in 2004, SEO Brand Credits the secret of digital growth to collecting data points. They aim to help you understand your value and the needs of your customers.

Services Provided Include: SEO (Amazon, Local, WordPress), Keyword Research, Web Development, Competitor Analysis


Based in: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Headquarters)

An OG in the field, WebFX started out in 1996. With years of experience, the brand’s focus is on creating a custom solution for you in the marketing field. They claim to increase lead and revenue for their clients and have a record of driving 3 billion worth of sales for their customers.

Services Provided Include: SEO, SEO Audits, Google Ad Management, Digital, and Social Advertising

Smart Sites

Based in: Paramus, New Jersey

With its tagline of working for businesses of any size, Smart Sites prides itself on its equally high aptitude in performance and customer service.

Services Provided Include: SEO, Pay Per Click marketing, Website Design, Conversion Rate Optimisation

Sure Oak

Based in: Brooklyn, New York City

Starting Its journey in 2017, Sure Oak focuses on driving up your cornerstones of revenue, freedom, and improvement. They not only provide services but have programs to help you pick up the basics as well.

Services Provided Include: SEO and SEO Audit, Link Building, Content Development, Free SEO Tools

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Based in: Arlington, Texas

Spreading its roots in almost every industry, Thrive wants to help your business thrive by focusing on data and growth.

Services Provided Include: Pay Per Click Marketing, SEO, Digital and Social Marketing, Web Design

Social SEO

Based in: Colorado Springs, Colorado

With over twenty years of expertise in the field, Social SEO has consistently ranked amongst the top Inc. 5000. They create deals on a monthly basis and credit their success to their focus on customer and employee wellness.

Services Provided Include: SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Video Production, Amazon, and Influence Marketing

Titan Growth

Based in: San Diego, California

Formerly Titan SEO, this company was born in 2004. It focuses on growing business using its patented SEO technology – the Titan Bot.

Services Provided Include: SEO, Pay Per Click Management, Social Media Management, Amazon Marketing


Based in: Irvine, California (Headquarters)

Directive believes in specializing and focuses on generating more leads for its clients and hitting the optimum SQL targets for you.

Services Provided Include: SEO, Paid Media, Design, Video Creation

Victorious SEO

Based in: San Francisco

Victorious focuses its entire energy on SEO strategies and tries to bring in organic traffic while creating more leads and brand awareness.

Services Provided Include: SEO strategies, SEO Audit, Keyword Research, SEO Content

Search Bloom

Based in: Draper, Utah

They believe in developing plans and methods for their clients that can be repeated and predicted. They’ve ranked in many top lists of Clutch and believe in a client partnership.

Services Provided Include: Local SEO, National SEO, Pay Per Click Management, E-Commerce SEO

Funnel Boost Media

Based in: San Antonio, Texas

They are a true example of the saying ‘Old is Gold.’ Utilizing traditional marketing practices like the marketing funnel and applying them to the digital world, Funnel Boost Media has been able to generate a local presence for its clients.

Services Provided Include: SEO, Web Design, Pay Per Click Marketing


So, you’ve finally reached the end of this list. Many of the companies mentioned in this list are either in the top rankings by Clutch or Upcity or previously held such positions. Whatever the case, these are the names that have been showered with praises for their SEO abilities. 

And who better to guide you in your SEO journey than those whose names appear first in every ranking? After all, they are the ones who have mastered the craft better than anyone else. 

Now, you finally have access to top SEO companies in the US. You might have lagged behind so far without understanding all these difficult rules of digital marketing. But now, nothing should be stopping you from growing your business and reaching the full extent of your potential. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started on choosing your prospective SEO partner and grow closer to your dream of a bigger business. 

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