The Best Ways to Keep Your Files Organized

The Best Ways to Keep Your Files Organized

Far too many people fail to organize their documents in a way that keeps things clear and easy to use. As a result, many people are left searching longer than they should for important documents, or worse, cannot find what they’re looking for. 

However, a well-organized folder system on your PC can help you easily find the documents you’re looking for. Plus, organizing your files doesn’t have to be hard – don’t believe it? Here are a few tips to help you keep your digital files well organized and easy to reach.

Name Your Files Properly 

What you name your documents will play a huge part in how they are organized. Far too many people don’t give their files useful names that clarify what the document actually is; for example, when drafting a piece of content, someone might name that document ‘work – new version.’

However, when editing that document and saving another copy, they may name it ‘work – newer version.’ It sounds simple and silly, but these names can make it tough to know which file is the most up-to-date.

To improve your file naming conventions, you can either add the date the file was created to the end or add the version number at the end. This way, you’ll be able to find your most up-to-date content quickly and with ease.

Use Advanced Information Management

If you’re working in a large business and have a lot of files that are both yours and your co-workers’, it can be tough to manage, especially if you’re not organizing your files correctly.

When using the cloud to create a shared space for all your work documents; it may be worth using a company like to manage your files for you. With a company like this, you’ll be able to take the reins of your information lifecycle and better manage your content.

Nest Folders Within Folders

Having folders filled with relevant documents is great; as it helps you figure out where you’re likely to find something you need. However, far too many people don’t go deep enough with this and fail to nest folders within folders.

Nesting folders can make your digital files a lot easier to navigate through. It also makes your files appear far less cluttered; for instance, you can create a folder called ‘invoices’ and then nest other folders for each year within that folder. Doing this makes finding what you’re looking for much easier.


Having a messy documents folder on your PC can be a nightmare because it can make it significantly harder to find what you’re looking for – but by putting the above advice into practice, you’ll be able to organize your digital life better, making it much less stressful when trying to pull up the file you need.

By giving your documents useful and clear names and by organizing these documents into nested folders, you’ll have an easier time getting the information you want. Additionally, if you need extra assistance keeping your cloud folder organized; some businesses can help you better manage your documents to help keep things smooth and effective.

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