A Guide to the Best Sports Betting Apps

 A Guide to the Best Sports Betting Apps

Mobile betting has become the most popular form of online gambling. Read on to discover five aspects that all the best sports betting apps share.

Five Signs of a Good Sports Betting App

There have been a lot of changes in gambling laws in the US and Canada in recent years, effectively allowing far more people the chance to place bets legally across both countries. Falling in with the rest of the world, many of these new sportsbooks are mobile-friendly.

In addition to these new services, most of the best betting sites offer a free, downloadable app for mobile devices. This makes it even easier for sports fans to make their selections with even greater freedom. It is likely that there will be even more sportsbooks and apps launched in the next few years – but what makes a good betting app? Read on to find out.

User Experience and Usability

Sometimes it is the simple things that really count. Although betting firms will make a lot of noise about the size of their bonuses to attract business; the most important aspect of any good app is usability. There is just no point in having the highest odds in the industry if your customers cannot use your product.

It is very clear to see how the best online sports betting sites put a lot of work and money into researching the user experience of their apps. The whole point of mobile betting is supposed to be convenience and speed. So delivering a very usable app has to be the most important factor.

Betting Markets and Odds

We just touched on this – but it is crucial that a betting app offers attractive odds and a wide range of markets. As a customer, you may not even plan on betting on lots of sports, but the fact that a sportsbook covers sports, leagues; and tournaments from around the world suggests that it understands the needs of the market.

It is understandable that a Canadian online sportsbook highlights markets and odds for the NHL. But its app should still have a long list of other sports and events available. If the usability of the app has grown a large customer base; it should be understood that not all sports fans in one location like the same things.

 Sports Betting App

Promotions and Offers

This aspect of any good betting app is more to do with the sportsbook itself than the technology involved. But there is an opportunity for betting firms to launch app-exclusive promotions and bonuses – and they should recognize that these kinds of offers could make a difference to potential customers.

It could be free bets, deposit matches, or any other kind of bonus tie-in; but the fact is that betting customers expect welcome promotions these days. Highlighting the existence of a mobile app to people when they are registering for an account can only be good for business – and the customers themselves.

Customer Support

If an online sportsbook has got everything right with the development and roll-out of their mobile app then; theoretically, there would be no need to ensure that there is a good customer support team in place. But it is not just problems and issues that help teams deal with.

A good app will offer the possibility to reach the customer support team at any time of day – and preferably via a range of different methods. The days of just having a phone line to call are long gone. Apps should be fully integrated with live chat and social media features.

Regular Upgrades

Technology never stands still. That’s why good sports betting app will regularly update to keep up with new developments – as well as any added features offered by the sportsbooks. These upgrades should not be invasive but should only enhance the experience of the customer.

If a sportsbook can offer all of these factors with its mobile app then you can feel confident that your business is valued.

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