Services Offered by Top Online Marketing Agencies

Services Offered by Top Online Marketing Agencies

Introduction to Online Services:

Businesses providing Online Services or selling products are aware that customers will place orders only if they are aware that the product or service is available. While earlier most people would watch television, read newspapers and magazines; in the last few years, people are spending more time online for entertainment and for getting the information they require. Hence online marketing channels are becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes in Singapore. Most businesses are willing to pay for high-quality leads, so some of the services offered by the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore for lead generation are discussed. Depending on the marketing budget of the business, and business profile, one or more services can be selected.


Statistical data indicates that more than 90% of the internet users planning to purchase a new product or service will use search engines to find a suitable supplier or service provider. Usually, there are a large number of businesses offering similar products or services; so it may be difficult for a business website to rank well automatically. Hence search engine optimization (SEO) required to improve the ranking of a business website in the search results for relevant keywords.

Compared to other online marketing techniques, SEO highly recommended since its cost-effective; the business does not have to pay for every visitor to the website from search engines. Also once the website ranks on the first page, it will typically retain its ranking for at least one year. Some of the better digital agencies will guarantee first-page results for their client within three months; or do the SEO work for free, till the desired results are achieved.

Social media

In the last decade, people are spending a lot of time on their social media accounts; especially Facebook, Instagram, and high profile accounts to get media coverage. Hence advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin highly recommended since the visitors on these websites; tend to trust the advertisers more. Since most business does not have the in-house expertise for social media marketing; it is advisable to hire a reputed agency for creating the social media account; updating it periodically with information about the services, products which are sold; and also replying to feedback from customers, business associates. In some cases, the agency hired, will also monitor social media for feedback or mentions of the company by customers. Social media websites are often a reliable source of information about business rivals.

online services

Though SEO Online Services is usually effective in delivering high-quality leads, businesses should be aware; that it will take at least three months for the SEO campaign to yield the desired results. Hence most digital marketers recommend that businesses with a new website should use Google AdWords; or similar pay per click (PPC) advertising to targeted visitors. This marketing method can expensive, and money may wasted if the advertiser does not monitor the results carefully. Hence it is advisable to hire a digital agency, that is aware of the best techniques for online advertising; and will optimize the bid amount, keywords to maximize the number of leads and orders generated for the client.

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