MyFlexBot – Your fully customizable, advanced secure Amazon Flex Blocks

MyFlexBot – Your fully customizable, advanced secure Amazon Flex Blocks

The term “myflexbot” may remind you of a science fiction film about bodybuilders. But Amazon’s contract drivers who struggle to secure a share of delivery shifts, commonly known as a flex block, via the Amazon Flex app, have an alternative: Amazon Flex bots. These bots offer automated software and hardware solutions that assist employees in the gig economy in obtaining their fair portion of the available Amazon Flex blocks.

Additionally, they function more effectively than human fingers can do when touching and swiping through each delivery block on a phone screen.

Continue reading to find out all you need to know about myflexbot if you want to be sure you’re getting the greatest blocks and are taking advantage of other drivers with quicker fingers.

How Does myflexbot Work?

My Flex employees utilize a variety of automated programs, applications, and other technologies known as “Flex bots” to obtain fresh shifts, rapid job offers, and a delivery block of their choosing. Drivers have a variety of bots to pick from. Still, they are all working toward the same objective: assisting Flex delivery drivers in using the myflexbot app more quickly and effectively than a person could. Our only real limitations are the speed of our fingers and our capacity to maintain our eyes on our phones. A bot is not. Instead of stressing about picking up additional shifts, an independent contractor working as an Amazon employee may concentrate on package delivery.

Why Use Bots by myflexbot Drivers?

Flex drivers for Amazon aren’t technically workers.

Instead, they are contract employees that deliver Amazon products to clients using their automobiles.

Many drivers resort to bots for assistance since there is sometimes fierce rivalry among them for a portion of the deliveries and because they cannot click and swipe while driving or eating. There is a catch, though. Amazon’s terms of service for their contractual; employees are broken by using these; technologies. No one is imprisoned for operating; a bot but contract drivers who violate Amazon’s guidelines may face repercussions.

myflexbot on Amazon:

  • Drivers for Amazon Flex don’t have regular shifts or predetermined hours of Work.
  • Instead, customers make claims for blocks of time using the Amazon Flex app.
  • Drivers initially view a list of available blocks when they sign onto the app.
  • They may refresh the list on the screen by pressing a big orange button.
  • They swipe the block they want to take, press the screen to accept the assignment, and then may claim a shift.
  • It is a straightforward and effective approach.
  • But in practice, things don’t go as smoothly as they do on paper.
  • It is due to the possibility of fierce competition for a limited number of accessible blocks.
  • A driver may refresh the screen, swipe, and accept blocks as quickly as possible when more drivers compete for them than available blocks, but they will still lose the race to other drivers.

The Function of myflexbot:


The speed at which a driver refreshes the app and swipes and accepts are barriers to successfully signing up. Therefore Amazon Flex bots work to increase a driver’s chances of claiming blocks, particularly the better ones with the greatest competition. Drivers may swipe to access a block, swipe to accept it, and refresh the list of blocks without touching the orange button by utilizing a mix of automated hardware and software (bots). With this automation, they have a significant advantage over other drivers. It works against drivers who aren’t also using bots, at least.

Can I use Amazon Flex Bots?

Amazon’s policies forbid flex bots and block grabbers.

Will Jeff Bezos ever take note, though?

The Flex program generates enormous revenue for Amazon Prime, particularly in populated areas like Las Vegas.

Flex Rules for Amazon:

By downloading the Flex app, each driver agrees to the conditions of the website, which prohibit “any use of data mining, robots, or similar data collection and extraction techniques.” It is evident from their policies that Amazon Flex does not permit the usage of the automated bots that many delivery partners have used to secure more shifts.

However, because myflexbot blocks appear on the app at erratic intervals and many drivers dislike the process of scrolling, swiping, and clicking to accept, they look to automated methods to improve their chances of success.

What will happen if you are discovered using a bot?

Anyone who discovers; a contract driver utilizing a bot will; likely experience what; is known as a soft block.

For a certain amount of time, Amazon will slow down the pace of their account, preventing them from refreshing and viewing any new blocks.

Repeated offenses will result in soft blocks, and the Flex app will probably be suspended.

The Federal Trade Commission is unlikely to knock on your door, though.

They need access to sign up for blocks, which prevents them from working.

They risk losing all access to the app if they commit serious or persistent breaches of the terms of service.

Although Kate Kudrna, a spokesperson for Amazon, emphasized that they “examine all driver appeals,” it may be difficult for you to continue being an Amazon Flex delivery partner if one of Amazon’s algorithms finds a bot.

Does myflexbot Make Sense?

Amazon is currently taking action against its delivery partners that utilize bots. But both developers also put a lot of effort into making their software, robots, and hardware untraceable, so an Amazon driver should be fine.

To attempt and trick Amazon’s servers and software into believing a human is running the app instead of a bot, users can change the pace of the auto-tappers.


  • Reduces or eliminates excursions that need extensive travel to reach a remote warehouse
  • A Better chance to obtain blocks in high demand. It enables drivers to pay attention to things other than tapping and swiping on the app.
  • It gives the option to give preference to Amazon Flex blocks that are closer to a driver’s house.
  • More possibility for income as a flex worker


  • Getting busted carries repercussions
  • Sometimes, other drivers don’t allow the usage of bots.
  • In the Amazon Flex program, you risk losing your job.
  • What Apps Provide Flex Bots for Amazon?
  • Amazon Flex bots are rather well-liked based on the number of apps they provide.

Here are a few popular apps; currently deployed as Amazon Flex bots.


MyFlexBot provides an adaptable platform for acquiring Amazon Flex blocks.

Filtering, auto acceptance, click-speed throttling, email and text notifications, logs, and other features are among the elements.

There is also a 15-day free trial available.

Stretch Snatch

Flex drivers have thus far earned more than $1.5 million because of Flex Snatch. The connection between Amazon Flex and; the Amazon Flex app is automated; for it to function.

Since it’s anonymous; they’ve tried to reduce the danger of Amazon learning they’re using the app.

Any current web browser supports it, including those on iOS/iPhones, Android devices, and desktop software.

It is currently only accessible within the United States.

However, they have ambitions to increase their service to Europe and India.


New users of Flex47Bot; are given a day-long free trial.

It has many features that Flex drivers could enjoy, and it works on both Apple and Android phones.

You may configure the software to remember your preferred schedule and look for blocks that meet it by setting working hours and automatic capture.

It provides quick deals, pushes notifications, and sophisticated filtering.

To find deals you might be interested in, you can search by service locations and price ranges and get a real-time alert.

Additionally, it is reasonably priced and offered everywhere.


Users may download an application called BlueStacks through Flexomatic, which simulates the native experience on their phone.

They download the Flexomatic software and launch it in the new mimicked environment.

They download the Amazon Flex app after signing up and checking in.

As soon as; Flexomatic is activated; it will automatically adhere to your settings and filters, collecting blocks by your choices.

Don’t worry if it needs to be clarified.

Activating Bots on myflexbot:

The method for configuring applications differs depending on the specific application.

Additionally, certain Amazon Flex bots don’t use the software. Thus their configuration is rather different.

Step-by-Step Direction

  • Check that your hardware is compatible with any third-party programs.
  • Purchase and set up the application.
  • For the app to be integrated with your myflexbot account, adhere to the directions given by the app’s developer.
  • Use the app to accept blocks more quickly and effectively.
  • Gain more money while spending less time and effort.
  • Remember that there are also Amazon Flex bots, which attach swipers and tappers to the body of your phone.
  • They perform the functions of physically tapping and swiping and provide an alternative to software programs that automate the act of grabbing blocks.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Bot with FlexBot


Here are some pointers; to get you started if you want to make; the most of your myflexbot:

1. Ensure that you carefully read the instructions that come with your bot. It will guarantee that you understand how to utilize the bot properly.

2. Verify using the most recent Amazon Flex Bot software.

Doing this can avoid any issues and guarantee the most incredible experience.

3. Spend some time becoming acquainted with the bot’s user interface. It will assist you in learning how to use the different features and choices at your disposal.

4. Benefit from the Scheduling Function of the Bot.

Doing this may configure your bot to operate according to your schedule and make the most of your time.

5. Ensure Your Bot Is Running the Most Recent Amazon Flex Bot Software. You’ll be able to keep up with new features and problem patches if you do this.

Important Lesson: To get the most out of your Amazon Flex Bot, keep its software up to date.

Review of myflexbot:

Consider Amazon Flex if you’re searching for a method to earn some additional money. A service called Flex enables users to deliver products to Amazon. You may choose your hours and work as little or as much as you like. You must be at least 21 years old and have a driver’s license to work as an Amazon Flex driver. Additionally, you must have a spotless driving record. You must download; the Amazon Flex app after you are authorized; to drive for Flex.

Once you have the myflexbot app, you may view the readily available delivery blocks. The delivery block that works; best for you; can be selected. Each delivery block’s pay rate will show you before you accept it. After receiving a delivery block; you will be given; a deadline; to arrive at the pickup site.

Before loading the delivery into your car, you must scan the barcode. Return to the Flex app to report your earnings once you have delivered every box in your delivery block.

Within two days; you will; get paid by; direct deposit. A fantastic method to earn some additional money is through Flex.

myflexbot: A Summary

Flex bots are still around even after Amazon forbade them.

Because of their exceptional skill, Amazon contract drivers still utilize block grabbers to out-click rivals and obtain immediate offers on the Flex utility.

Drivers will continue to take advantage of bots until Amazon finds a method to entirely level the playing field and eliminate them from their ecosystem.

Or, they may figure out a means to adequately reward their delivery partners, eliminating the need for an Amazon Flex bot.

If you’re considering employing a bot to enhance your Amazon Flex driver career, you know your alternatives and the dangers involved. You have all the information you need to make the best choice possible.

Frequently Asked Questions for myflexbot (FAQ)

Who are

At IONOS SE, the domain; has been; registered. The registrar’s website may find at is the URL for the registrar’s WHOIS server.

What is the IP address of

The IPv4 address associated with is

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On April 11, 2018, first registered 1718 days ago.

When was’s WHOIS last updated?

The WHOIS entry; was last updated; on Tuesday; April 12, 2022, 256 days ago.

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On Alexa, has a worldwide rank of 450,563. The following nameservers provide DNS for

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Around 1,100 visitors and 2,000 page; impressions; are made each; day on

Where is the origin of this site?

The servers for; are situated; in the USA.

What kind of webserver application does this site employ?

The “Apache” webserver powers

What is the net value? What revenue does the website generate?

Nearly $20 is generated; daily by, which equates to $510 in monthly revenue and about $6,100 in annual income. These figures indicate that the site has a net worth of around $15,300.

How many visitors does this site receive?

In terms of traffic compared to all other websites; is ranked; 450,563. An estimated 1,100 people visit the website daily, leading to 2,000 page views. It results in 61,900-page impressions and around 34,400 visits per month.

What are the DNS Records for this site?’s start of authority (SOA) record identifies as the zone’s primary master name server. The zone’s serial number is 2018041103. The values for REFRESH, RETRY, EXPIRE, and MINIMUM TTL are 28800 seconds, 7200 seconds, 604800 seconds, and 300 seconds respectively.

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