Minecraft Cottage House Ideas – 11 Steps to Build a Cottage in Minecraft

Minecraft Cottage House Ideas – 11 Steps to Build a Cottage in Minecraft

Minecraft Cottage House Ideas. Complete step by step Guide to Build a Cottage in Minecraft. There are Some Tools That Help you to Build Your Cottage.

Minecraft is a cottage building game. If you want to make a very cute and stylish cottage in the game then you should follow some steps…first of all, you should download the game on your device and then open it with a strong internet connection. Then you should follow some steps to build your cute little cottage. Here are some steps mentioned in this article.

Steps to build a cottage in Minecraft:

STEP 1: Draw a Layout

simply you should outline your cottage house in Minecraft interface make sure that it will be 3×3 spaced out.

Step 2: Height

Then the further step of building a cottage you should figure out the wooden blocks and ensure that the woodblocks will be built by 2. If you need more wood then you add more woodblocks on them

Step 3: Joining up

In this step, you need more woods to link with other woods to build a structure in Minecraft.

Step 4: Flooring

In this step, the flooring process has been started and you required some oak woods for flooring purposes.

Step 5: Doorway

The doorway is the step after the flooring is finalized and you required a combo of oak wood planks and cobblestone. Its main task is to fill the path in front of your cottage and make a gap for the door.

Step 6: walls

In this step, you should make the walls of your minecraft cottage house and leave gaps for the windows.

Step 7: Fancy roof thing

In this step you build fancy roofs of your cottages.

Step 8: Roof Frame complete

In this step joined all the walls of the cottage and make a firm frame of your roof setup.

Step 9: Fancy edge

If you want to give any edges in the walls or roof of the cottage, this option is just for you.

Step 10: Roof

Now the finalizing stage, in this step you need to oak wood and cobblestone stairs for roofing.

Step 11: Finishing Touches

In this last step you need to fix all the doors and the windows there.

Minecraft tools That Necessary to Minecraft Cottage House:

 There are some tools mentioned in my article which will help you to build your Minecraft cottage house. Here is the name and detailed follows under this.

Auto Smelter

An auto smelter is the first option in the Minecraft game which helps you build automatically smelts the item of your Minecraft world. It helps to place the items in your all furnaces. This option is an input material as well as receive item out of your furnaces simulation. 

Minecraft cottage Pirate ship

Pirate ship is another level of Minecraft game and it is the most important building material in the Minecraft world. In the Minecraft game when you build a large ship, it gives impact and shows your technical abilities to build a large-scale project this step will lead you to layer by layer instructions to build your ship, which will dominate your seas. Use lighter-weight wood blocks to building up your ship. When you use a darker wood it gives the impact and makes the design very well and effective. It gives a better look at your ship’s design. Last but not least you should add some vines or mossy stones near the base of your ship-to highlight worn down the effect.


If you want to build bridges in the Minecraft game then this option is just for you. By using this tool you can build bridges. Even if your home biome is in desert or plane biome. Waterways are always very useful, so why not we making them in style. You can be made simple stone bridges and even more complex wooden bridges. It gives a new impact on your wooden bridge. Simple wooden bridges give effective and economical fits in your pathway from your home.

Bunk Bed

The bunk bed is one of the most advanced building materials or tools in your imaginary world of Minecraft game, That leads the player in the experimental model in this stage, You can be Designed a much exciting bunk bed. Let makes the imagination of your Minecraft world to be free and build one of the stronger bunk beds. The bunk bed gives a new edition character to your bedroom. There are many bunk beds design in the imagination world.


You can design large or small dams in the landscape of the Minecraft game. You can use these dams to fill the gap between different heights of the waters. The larges dam shows your advanced building abilities. 

Wooden Dojo

The wooden dojo is the large traditional wheel in the Minecraft game, which is commonly made of woods and in using the primarine blocks as well as the new concrete colored blocks that will attract the designers. The large wooden dojo place middle of the town gives the impression so good.  

Minecraft cottage Ferris Wheel

Let us talk about the Ferris wheel in the Minecraft game. If you want to make a circus in your town then you must add this Ferris wheel there. You make sure that, you are using a circle generator to get an actual size wheel.


When you try to make a garden then you need to grow some greenery and shrubbery, leaves, grass, flowers, dandelions, trees, and many more. Garden related items


You can customize own your type of tree wooden leaves.


You can customize your type of vehicles like Trucks, Cars, bikes, Hailcopter, etc.

Hotel(Skyscraper with garden)

You can design a rooftop garden kitchen bedrooms, bathroom, swimming pool, spa, and gym room.

Sea Town

It’s like a manmade Island.

Pixel Art

These are templates and sideshows.

Pyramid (Simple Pyramid)

Egyptian burial site or tomb.

Stone Statues (Simple stone guardian statues)

These are simple stone characters.

Minecraft cottage Watchtower (Wooden Watchtower)

Used for help and protection against other players.


Trucks are one of the most important builds.

T.V (Minecraft Television)

T.V is used for watching the complex and cool designs.

Underwater Base (Custom Underwater Base)

It gives an epic feel to your building’s abilities.


Making a windmill is an extremely detailed attention work.

The Last Note

Hurry “Be creative and create a creative minecraft cottage house design of your imagination “.Here you can get complete details about minecraft cottage ideas.

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