Live Poker Tips To Carry Before Joining The Tables

Live Poker Tips To Carry Before Joining The Tables

Even though most poker games have the same rules, there are quite a lot of differences to take into account. For example, if you are transitioning from online to live poker, the game has the same rules, but the pace and style of play are very much different.

If you have never played live poker before, you might be afraid of how you’ll handle the situation while the other players are staring you down, but you’ll be surprised how fast you can get comfortable. 

But before you advance to a live poker game, you must be prepared by learning all the game’s rules and the biggest mistakes to avoid. If the table recognizes that you are fresh meat, you’ll become a target that everyone chases right from the beginning. You can learn more from

With that said, in today’s article, we decided to cover some of the most useful poker tips that will take your game to the next level.

Do Not Be a Limper

If you are unfamiliar with the poker jargon, a limper in poker is a player who chooses to call rather than raise. Such people also decide to call when they are first to enter the pot, or even call when there is a limp before them.

If you decide to call the big blind before the flop rather than raise, this is described as “limping in”.

This strategy is not advisable in poker just because it is weak and will significantly reduce your chances of winning since you have no fold equity preflop.

As a beginner in the world of poker, try to understand how players play against limpers. The best way to spot an unprofessional player in poker is to watch out for who is limping. So, the first thing you need to master in live poker is your preflop play.

Learn How to Be Aggressive Towards Weaker Players

As we mentioned before, poker is a fierce game where if you are a sheep you won’t survive for very long since there are multiple wolves that track your every movement. In order to defend from such a scenario, you too need to become a wolf.

The general advice for every poker player is to be more aggressive. Raising and betting are the perfect examples of action where there is an aggressive player; and checking and calling are passive players that you should chase down.

This is why you should practice raising every time a chance presents itself; instead of calling and folding when you miss.

The biggest mistake that players do when they play poker is that they wait for a strong hand in order to have a more aggressive approach. However, you can also win more frequently with lesser hands.

Speed up The Tempo of the Game

If you are transitioning from online poker to live poker, you’ll be surprised by how slow can live poker turn out to be. Even though slow-paced poker is great for relaxation, it is not good in terms of your win rate and success. 

Your job should be to increase the tempo of the game by making decisions faster. If the game runs faster, you’ll be able to play more hands, which usually means more money. In some cases, players use the “tanking” strategy in order to slow down the pace of the game and frustrate other players.

Try to Make a Habit of Announcing Your Actions

For most online poker players, it might sound odd to announce their actions, but that is how live poker works. Announcing your actions is a habit that every professional poker player has; and it will prevent you from accidentally string betting.

Verbal declaration is a crucial part of live poker; so make sure to be better safe than sorry for your first live poker game.

Be on a Lookout for Softer Tables

Table selection in live poker games can play a really important role in how successful your poker sessions are. Your job is to analyze all the poker tables and strategically pick the one that you have the best chance of winning.

For beginners in the poker world, it is very beneficial to go for softer poker tables. Such tables can be found usually late at night or on weekends when most of the players are either drunk or tired.

Verbal Control is Crucial

You might be used to shouting or screaming at your computer while you play online poker; but the situation is very much different with live poker. You cannot run your mouth on every action that takes place and cannot express your anger towards any of the participants.

This creates a negative ambiance at the table and leaves a sour taste in the mouths of your opponents.

Additionally, this discourages new players from making fishy plays because they are afraid that they are going to be judged.

So, the next time you play live poker, try to be professional and only announce your actions. Verbal control is very important in order to have a pleasant experience.

Be Aggressive in Late Positions

We already covered the importance of aggressiveness towards weaker players that are limping; but you need to tune it up even more when you are in late-game positions.

Statistically, players almost never play aggressively 3-bet in live games; which is why beginning aggressive at the end might cause more hands to fold.

Playing passively in the late game is one of the biggest mistakes in poker, so try to avoid it at any cost.

Final Words

These are some of the best tips for live poker in order to improve your game. Remember, poker is a dynamic game where it depends on many factors. With that said, none of these tips can guarantee you success. However, it will massively improve your chances of winning and turn you into a professional poker player.

After all, poker is a mind game; where you don’t need to be an expert in the game in order to increase your winnings. You can just use some of the strategies that pro poker players use and make the most out of the situation. 

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