How to know if Chakra bracelet is real; 10 Best Techniques

How to know if Chakra bracelet is real; 10 Best Techniques

A Chakra bracelet is an attractive piece of jewellery that plays a vital role in your spiritual journey. Howeevr, one must consider How to know if chakra bracelet is real before buying it. In the beginning, chakra bracelets were expensive and made up of high quality materials. A large segment of people was not able to purchase this chakra bracelet. After that, a few sellers started selling low-quality chakra bracelets into the market.

 Top on that, these bracelets are comparatively cheap in price. It created confusion amongst people whether a chakra bracelet they want to purchase is real. To eradicate this confusion, we wrote this blogpost for the accommodation of our audience. 

How to Identify the Pure Chakra Bracelets? A Step-By-Step Guide 

There are many techniques due to which you can easily distinguish between real and fake chakra bracelets. Here are some of the techniques as follow:

Prefer to Check Fewer Rather Than 8 Bead Colours

Keep one thing in mind that a pure chakra bracelet is made up of precious crystals, stones and minerals including aquamarine, topaz, malachite, and tiger eye. If these stones are of resins and plastic, so these are fake.

A pure chakra bracelet contains 8 beads which are of different colours. Most importantly, almost 75% of the chakra bracelets are made up of black beads. These include other individual colours as well like indigo, blue, green, yellow, red, orange and transparent beads covering up the remaining 25%. 

A Chakra bracelet is fake if it does not have a blue bead or contain random. In this case, a hot pink bread will be strung along which is enough to prove it fake. A specific material is used in every bread which correlates with a particular chakra:

Type of Chakra Properties 
Crown Chakra Amethyst or clear quartz 
Third Eye Chakra Indigo lapis lazuli 
Throat Chakra Blue agate 
Heart Chakra Green aventurine 
Solar Plexus Chakra Yellow citrine 
Sacral Chakra Orange carnelian 
Root Chakra Red or black onyx 

Check the Random Holes in the Beads 

During the drilling process, a pure chakra bead gets dinged or dented. You should observe the edges of each bread because it sits along the string.

On the contrary, a fake chakra bracelet has unblemished and smooth drill marks as these are made up of resins or plastic materials. It is quite easy to drill plastic or resin and there will be no marks as a result. While, a pure chakra bracelet gets damaged while drilling. 

Check the Beads Quality with Magnifying Glass

Another important technique on how to know if chakra bracelet is real is,There will be clearly machine tool marks over fake beads. Most importantly, fake beads have granny marks and straight lines which are enough signs to prove this bracelet fake. Ultimately, glass beads contain these marks instead of accurate minerals and stones. 

Check the Beads Quality with Magnifying Glass

Inspect the Coloured Stains on Chakra Bracelet String

There will be painted beads on fake chakra bracelets, which may leave their colours on string. In this regard, you need to pull every bead one by one in order to observe the string underneath. 

If you notice any colourful marks or smudges at the string underneath then it is enough to prove it fake. Most of the sellers are currently using different colours for their chakra bracelets. Consequently, you must ensure that the string is completely unstained and clean. 

Use a Nail Polish Remover for Rubbing the Beads 

Fake chakra beads are mostly dyed in particular colours. You should dip a cotton swab in acetone and wipe it on the surface of all beads. If there is any splotch colour observed then it portrays that the beads are dyed instead of cutting from a real mineral or gemstone. 

In easy words, if you wipe a scrab over the surface of the bracelet beads and observe any color change then this bracelet is totally fake. 

Touch the Beads to Your Skin and Feel Its Coldness 

You will not feel cooling as a result of touching bracelet beads to your skin. It is a clear indication that the bracelet is totally fake. However, pure minerals and gemstones are cool by nature. It is another way about how to know if chakra bracelet is real.

On the other hand, if plastics and resins are used in chakra bracelet material then it will never make you feel coolness against touching your skin. 

Ask the Seller for the Beads Quality 

Sometimes, a seller does not know what sort of material is used in chakra bracelets. Most of them hype up their products by presenting the minerals and gemstones made-up or misleading names such as opulent garnet. 

However, legitimate sellers do not hesitate to disclose the quality rank of their products. We will recommend you to stay away from those sellers who do not know the quality of their products. 

Check Another Chakra Bracelet Online with Similar Specifications  

It will be a red flag by having a mass-produced chakra bracelet. It cannot be perceived wrong if a seller has chakra bracelets of multiple qualities. In this regard, we will suggest you to visit reliable websites like eBay or Amazon. 

Each chakra bracelet will have a different price according to its quality. In this era of technological development, a large segment of artisans prefer to sell their quality products on online marketplaces. 

Check Another Chakra Bracelet Online with Similar Specifications

Try to Avoid Fake Advertising Promises 

The main objective behind the design of chakra bracelets is to help you better resonate and attach with your chakras. Mostly, a seller uses different tactics to attract customers to purchase his products. 

These tactics include that your dream car is fake, a winning lottery ticket and a high-paying job. Furthermore, frequent chakra meditation can ensure long-term advantages, fulfilment, and clarity. But it is not supposed to be an immediate gratification. 

Try to Avoid Fake Advertising Promises

Check the Chakra Bracelet Price Tag 

If you visit an online store or market the first thing you prefer to check is its price. You can easily distinguish the difference between real and fake chakra bracelets. Surely, a product with a low price covers up less number of specifications. 

Therefore, if a chakra bracelet is of high price then it will have a large number of specifications including high quality. 

Final Words 

Most people love to wear chakra bracelets. When it comes to a bracelet’s quality, people get confused and look for authentic information on how to know if chakra bracelet is real. There are various techniques through which you can easily identify a real chakra bracelet. 

These techniques include checking the price, checking the duplicate online, wiping a cotton swab dipped in acetone over the surface of chakra bread and touching bread against your skin to feel coldness. 

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