How to Choose Perfumes from the UAE

How to Choose Perfumes from the UAE

Stylists often say that a dull, faded smell can easily spoil the most brilliant image. On the contrary, a successful fragrance will make you feel like a star even in casual clothes. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a UAE perfume and be satisfied with this choice.

General Rules of Choice

We can argue about tastes, but there are three general rules for choosing a perfume.

Consider concentration

While selecting the aroma, be sure to pay attention to the mark ‘eau de.’ Due to the saturation of aromatic substances, the smell will sound differently. For example, in the women’s collection, there are perfumes and eau de parfum. These are the most popular and persistent options. The first sounds up to 6-7 hours, the second – up to 5. 


Surprisingly enough, the same fragrance will sound differently on diverse people. For example, a perfume sits perfectly on a friend, and you buy the same one on her advice and end up disappointed. The fact is that each of us has unique biochemical characteristics, like fingerprints. If you are not yet familiar with the fragrance, you can listen to someone else’s reviews, but it is still better to test it yourself.

Do not be fooled by advertising

Advertising can be often confusing. Do not forget that you are not buying brand involvement but a perfume that will become an invisible part of your image. Listen to your feelings and associations; the opinions of others are secondary in this case. It is important that the fragrance is comfortable and demonstrates the mood.

Available assortment

We at Perfumes UAE provide our clients with a wide range of options both for themselves and their houses, namely:

  • Creations – we offer legal and high-quality copies of widespread brands. You can select your favorite smell in a volume of 30 ml, 50 ml, or 100 ml.
  • Perfume oils in bottles of various sizes, which can be refilled.
  • Dahn Al OUD oils.
  • Body mists with a light smell and a variety of fragrances.
  • Interior perfumes for the creation of a cozy atmosphere at home or in the office.
  • Perfume reed diffusers with wooden sticks.
  • Musk oils for different occasions.

For smokers, especially men, perfumers recommend aromas with notes of tobacco and leather. They will organically fit into the image and create a feeling of a stylish accessory.

While making a choice, remember that notes of perfume affect the mood. For example, lavender and vanilla help to calm down, lime and oceanic accords refresh and set you up for an energetic day, coffee invigorates, and cherry encourages sincere communication.

The weather also affects the sound of perfume. In summer, notes dissipate faster and sound more intense. In the cold season, perfumes will need more time to open up, and you can safely use a deep, multifaceted scent. Therefore, several compositions for different seasons are also a good decision.

Keep in mind this set of simple rules and make your choice for every day and special occasions. Try out different compositions, and you will definitely find a perfect one.

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