5 Habits That Boost Your Fertility Odds for Conception

5 Habits That Boost Your Fertility Odds for Conception

You might have the vision of being a new mom into sight, and if you’re ready, there shouldn’t be a second thought of it. While it shouldn’t be head-spinning for you, sometimes conception can take time if your habits don’t measure up. Most people in Singapore reach out to their fertility doctors when the time is due, which is a viable option to get pregnant. However, did you know that you can conceive pretty effortlessly if you tame your everyday habits? Get Plenty of Sleep, Exercise, Always Consult With Your Fertility Specialist, Avoid Alcohol like the Plague, Limit Caffeine Intake. Here are the essential habits to burgeon your chances of conceiving effortlessly.

1. Get Plenty of Sleep

Of course, sleep is essential in every aspect and having lots of it is a no-brainer. However, long naps can spontaneously impact your fertility and increase your chances of effortless conception. Sufficient sleep alleviates the risk of getting obese, which interferes with ovulation. Besides, it suppresses hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal activation and circadian dysrhythmia, which usually interrupts the reproduction process. Having sufficient sleep also has other alternate benefits, including improving mood and bolstering cognitive capacity.

2. Exercise

Being active doing your exercises every day can improve your fertility significantly. However, it’s essential that you limit them below 60 minutes since too much of it bulges your chances of anovulation. When that becomes apparent, you may miss out on your ovulation, and conceiving can be challenging. Nonetheless, always consult a fertility specialist in Singapore for suitable exercises that increase your odds for conception. That way, it’d be easier to balance the vigor and intensity of your workouts.

3. Always Consult With Your Doctor

Some habits can be damning, and the worst part is that you might never know about them. Rightly, you won’t have yourself to blame since you may be naïve about it. Therefore, if you’re expecting to get pregnant soon, make it a habit to consult a fertility specialist in Singapore to get the necessary guidance. Professional help can make it pretty straightforward for you, with no need to invest in time and effort-draining practices that would help you less.

4. Avoid Alcohol like the Plague

While there’s little research evidence on the impact of alcohol on your fertility, excessive drinking can impact your fertility and health. Especially so, it makes it challenging to conceive if you keep draining countless liquor bottles per day. Heavy drinking depletes your ovarian reserves. If you feel like you have to drink, consult a fertility specialist in Singapore to get the right timing and amounts to drain down. Uncontrolled drinking can also recur post-conception, and any instance of addiction could put your fetus in jeopardy.

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5. Limit Caffeine Intake

While coffee and tea are everyday beverages that you might find difficult to give up, you must limit them if you want to conceive. Caffeine has a possible chance to induce a miscarriage if you take it in colossal amounts and can also impact your conception. Therefore, try to limit your coffee intake to not more than 200mg daily to reduce any chances of putting your reproductive health in the line.


Your daily habits determine the odds of conception, and you must be wary of it. Excellent and practical habits, including getting sufficient sleep, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and balancing your exercises, can help you out if you want to get pregnant. However, if possible, always consult a fertility specialist in Singapore to help you make the best decisions on getting pregnant.

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