Extensive Betting Guide For The Triple Crown 2022

Extensive Betting Guide For The Triple Crown 2022

Finally, it is that time of the year when we mark the start of the first leg in the Triple Crown races, which most people consider to be the most exciting time of the horse racing calendar. If you are living under a rock, or this is the first time you encounter horse racing, the US Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing is the pinnacle of American horse racing constructed with three events:

Kentucky Derby (7 May)

Preakness Stakes (21 May)

Belmont Stakes (11 June)

In order to be considered as a Triple Crown champion and enter the horse racing history books; participants must win all three Grade 1 races in the upcoming weeks. The Triple Crown is considered to be one of the highest achievements in horse racing; which is why it is the ultimate dream for most horse racing owners. 

Winning the Triple Crown is not an easy task. In fact, out of more than 100 years of tradition in organizing these races, there were only 13 Triple Crown champions. This makes the title “Triple Crown Champion” even more desirable in the horse racing community.

All three races are high-end prestigious races with a total prize purse of $5 million. Since the Triple Crown races are at the center of attention each year; they are also quite popular when it comes to betting. 

In fact, all of these races bring around $300 million in bets each year and this trend continues to rise. With that said, it is time to prepare for this amazing horse racing journey and do your homework before making a betting strategy.

As you know, in order to increase your winning in horse racing betting, you must do your research. With that said, let’s highlight all of the races that make the Triple Crown individually before jumping into the betting tips.

The Kentucky Derby

The opening race of the Triple Crown championship starts on May 7th with the Kentucky Derby; which most people consider to be the most popular race of the bunch. With a prize purse of $2 million up for grabs and 20 runners who made it through the qualifying; our expectations are high.

The Kentucky Derby also known as The Run for the Roses is held on Churchill Downs and is run over a distance of 11/4. Learn more about the contenders here.

The Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes is the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown championship; and it is held at Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore. This race is run over a distance of 1m 11/12 furlongs on a dirt surface. 

The difference to the Kentucky Derby is that the Preakness Stakes is limited to 14 runners and all the participants that will earn purse money in the Kentucky Derby will get a guaranteed spot in the next race. Find a guide on how to bet on the Preakness here: twinspires.com/preakness-stakes/betting 

The Belmont Stakes

Now we move to Belmont Park Racecourse in Elmont, NY, marking the last race in the Triple Crown championship. This is the longest race where participants run over a course of 1 ½ mile; and the race is also known as The Test of the Champions.

This field is limited to 16 runners, and the only guaranteed starting places are horses that manage to earn purse money in the Kentucky Derby or Preakness Stakes. 

Triple Crown Betting Tips

Now since you know the most important things about these races, it is time to come up with a winning betting strategy that will secure you a profit over the next couple of months. The Triple Crown Championship is constructed by three races, which is why most bettors focus on each race individually.

So, here are some tips that might help point you in the right direction when making a bet.

Watch Previous Races

Since we are talking about the Triple Crown championship where all three races are tied together in one way or another, it is really important to watch and track previous races. For example, there are only a few Preakness Stakes winners that did not run in the Derby; which means watching the Derby might give you a chance to spot a horse that has the potential to win the upcoming races.

Multi-Race Betting

The Triple Crown races are perfect for making multi-race bets. Multi race bets will require you to choose the winner of each race. This is a hard task and the predictability is quite low. With that said, it is still a great way to keep you entertained for a couple of months; as well as have the opportunity to win some big money.

Big Sandy

The most challenging course out of all Triple Crown races is the Belmont Stakes; which is why it is called The Test of the Champions. Watch out for this race; as it is longer than other courses and can test the stamina and endurance of horses. This means that speed might not be the deciding factor in this race.

On top of that Belmont Stakes is also nicknamed Big Sandy; just because the racecourse is deeper than others and often the most challenging.

Diversify Your Bets

If you are following horse races then you probably know that there isn’t a secret strategy that will allow you to predict the outcome of a race. That is why it is wise to diversify your bets and try out different strategies. You should make safer win/place/show bets and also go for some exotics that will allow you to win more money.

Get in Early

Even though we are months away from the beginning of some of these races; it is not early to bet on the winner. This requires a lot of digging through recent history and finding a horse that has steady performance.

Making a prediction early can significantly increase your profits, which is often the strategy that professional bettors go for.

Follow Expert Advice

If you are unaware of the process of handicapping a race or don’t have the time to dig through the data; it is probably wise to follow some expert advice when making a bet on the Triple Crown races. There are many betting predictions and you should choose a reliable source; that has made some accurate predictions in the past.

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