Does Bumble have Read Receipts? Premium Subscription & Alternatives

Does Bumble have Read Receipts? Premium Subscription & Alternatives

Read receipt is a parameter to check whether somebody can read your messages if you are typing. However, Bumble is a dating app through which you can date someone and build relationships. People want to know ‘’does Bumble have read receipts’’? It is unfortunate to say that Bumble does not have a read receipts feature. You can easily see other people typing with the help of a read receipts feature. Bumble app is the most popular dating app, therefore people want to know this. In this article, we will discuss all about read receipts on Bumble. 

Furthermore, some dating apps offer a read receipts feature to entertain users. These apps include Tinder, OkCupid and Match. Indeed, there is also a rare app which includes a read receipts feature without demanding any premium subscription like eHarmony. 

Why Doesn’t Bumble have a Read Receipts Feature? 

Bumble is basically a dating app through which people can approach someone, make relationships and find dates. There are people living in the world who search strange questions like: Does she have any interest in me? Does she want to have a date with me?

However, the answers to these stupid questions are not possible to know. You can trace the interest of other people about your personality by one factor. If someone whom you mentioned read your question and responded immediately, it means that she is interested in you. 

Why Doesn't Bumble have a Read Receipts Feature

On the other hand, if she does not respond to your question then it shows her lack of interest in you. Therefore, it is important to have a read receipts feature for Bumble. 

Does Bumble Premium Subscription require Advanced Filters and Bonuses?

You can easily purchase a Bumble Premium subscription with suitable bonuses and advanced features of this social app. It includes $229.99 for a lifetime subscription, $76.99 for three months, $39.99 for one month and $19.99 for one week. 

Bumble Premium Subscription

Which Apps do Offer Read Receipts?

Bumble does not include any sort of read receipts. You cannot see other people reading your messages. Similarly, another user is also not able to read your messages. You should approach some reliable apps that offer the feature of read receipts. These apps include OKCupid and Tinder. However, these apps want users to buy read receipts as an add-on. In addition to these, if you make conversations on Hinge then you should know that it also does not include read receipts. 

Can We Read Receipts on Bumble Premium with Paid Subscription?

If users manage to purchase a premium subscription, they are still not able to read receipts. Because Premium Bumble does not involve the facility of read receipts. 

Features of Bumble Premium with Paid Subscription

Can We See Someone If Our Messages Have Been Read?

When another user types something, you must keep your focus on the three dots. You can easily witness when somebody is typing even with non-availability of read receipts on Bumble. Similarly, when you type something then the other user can also see the similar three dots at that time. It is possible only through messaging apps such as iMessage display. Simply focus on the last message when somebody is typing. 

How Do Other Apps Include Read Receipts?

Different dating apps work differently when it comes to the read receipts feature. Some apps include a read receipts feature while the other ones do not. For example, users cannot enjoy the read receipts feature on Hinge as similar as Bumble. There are few dating apps available which demand their users to buy a read receipts feature in the form of a premium subscription upgrade. 

Users can buy ‘’packs’’ of read receipts with the help of some dating apps such as Match, OkCupid and Tinder. eHarmony is an amazing app which includes read receipts as a unique feature. This dating app does not demand its users to purchase read receipts separately. 

Best 5 Alternative Dating Apps Offering Read Receipts

There are many alternative apps available through which you can find someone, plan a date and build up a relationship. Some of these apps are as follows:

Type of AppWho Use it Suitable forStarting Price Connection Type Advantage
EliteSingles It is used by university graduatesSuitable to find fellow intellectuals $ 31.95 per monthLong TermDetailed profiles, more than 80% are university graduates and data-based matching.
eHarmony It is a dating app developed for lasting love Advanced matching$ 25.95 per month Long termDetailed profiles, high quality safety features and video date feature.
SilverSingles People over 50 years old can use this dating appTo meet people later in life $ 27.95 per month Long term Advanced matching system, easy to use and individual chat rooms and messages.
Zoosk It is a general dating app which gamifies the dating procedureFundamental features $ 12.49 per monthLong term or casual Used in more than countries, available in 25 different languages and it demands users for picture verification while signing up. 
DateMyAgeIt is a supportive dating app for middle-aged singlesSuitable for people more than 40 years old$ 49.99 per month Long term Photo sharing in chats, fun features and video messaging

Some Important Facts about Bumble 

  • Neither Bumble premium nor simple Bumble involve a read receipts feature. 
  • When other user types then Bumble will display three dots. Users must focus on these three dots at that moment. 
  • You can easily find that someone is typing if you have a read receipts feature. You will suppose for a minute that it will be his last message. 

Final Words 

People are curious about the premium subscription of Bumble. They want to know ‘’Does Bumble have a read receipts feature’’? The answer to this question is given in an informative way. There are different packages available for purchasing premium subscriptions of Bumble. However, Bumble does not contain any read receipts feature. There are various dating apps available which offer a read receipts feature to their users. But users must have a premium subscription to enjoy the read receipts feature in their mobiles separately. 

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