5 Creative Writing Assignment Ideas For Students

5 Creative Writing Assignment Ideas For Students

Creative writing is one of the biggest challenges students of all educational levels face because let’s face it, it’s one thing to think creatively and another to put your thoughts into action.
Are you looking for creative assignment ideas?
If so then you’re on the right page. In this article, we’re going to share with you a few creative writing assignment ideas for any student.
So without further ado, let’s get started.

Defining Creative Writing

What is creative writing?

A majority of students struggle with creative writing especially in college and that’s why most of them seek help from assignment writing services. Regardless, creative writing doesn’t have to be complicated.
To get better in creative assignment writing, students need to understand what the term means.
Basically, creating writing entails employing creativity, imagination, as well as innovation to tell an amazing story that leaves an emotional impact. This type of writing is found in novels, poetry, and other pieces of writing. Think of creative writing as the opposite of other forms of writing like academic or journalistic writing.

Elements of Creative Writing

To become a successful creating assignment writer, you need to familiarize yourself with the elements of creative writing. Think about what makes a book, story, piece of writing, great. Or think like a mechanic who needs to know how each part of the engine works or should be connected for the engine to work.

Below are the elements of creative writing:

Character development

To tell a great story, you have to develop the character. That’s why characters are vital for creative writing.

Character development is simply revealing the character in a piece of writing and the way they change in the entire writing. Right from the introduction to the conclusion of your writing, readers should be able to know the main character.

Unique plot

Creative writing is different from other forms of writing because the author uses a unique plot. In most cases, authors come up with their own plot based on their own unique ideas. A story without a plot is not a story but an empty piece of writing.

Core theme or message

Every successful or complete creative writing has a central theme, message or a lesson. That’s why avid readers are always learning new things

Visual descriptions

Visual descriptions are also other elements of creative writing. They help the reader to understand the character and the surroundings. That’s the reason why people enjoy reading stories than newspapers.

Point of view

The most common points of views in creative writing are:

  • First person: In this, the person narrating the story is the main character. In this case, the author uses “I”.
  • Third person: In this point of view, the author uses the third person limited (he/she/they) when referring to the character; third person multiple where the author/narrator reveals the inner feelings and thoughts of a number of characters; as well as third person omniscient where the narrator uses she/he/they and know everything about the character.

That said, here are the top creative writing ideas for students:

Describe your day

The first creative writing idea is to describe your day. This little exercise when done regularly helps to keep your writing sharp.
This creative writing exercise entails sitting down to describe your day from the time you wake up as if you’re describing someone’s day. In this case, you need to incorporate your creative writing skills to make even the dullest moments shine such as brushing your teeth, taking shower or taking tea.

Description writing

Most students struggle when it comes to writing descriptions. That’s why descriptive essays are the hardest types of academic writing for most students.
The good thing is that practicing description writing regularly can help you become better in creative writing assignments.
To get better at descriptions, you need to write descriptive pieces with a particular intention. For instance, you could write with the objective of revealing more details of the character to the reader without completely revealing the character.

Fine-tune your old writing

Do you have old pieces of writing?
Whether it’s a novel, an article, or any piece of writing, editing your old writing can help to polish your creative writing skills greatly. Make it a habit to pull up your past pieces of writing. Whether it’s a story you wrote recently or several years ago, edit it carefully by replacing weak verbs with stronger ones or adding more valuable information to it. The more you do this the better you become in creative assignment writing.

Voice variations

To bring the characters in a story to life, you need to give each one a unique voice- vary their voices. The voice you give to the character should be able to attract the readers to the piece of writing and not drive them away.

In this case, you need to come up with a character- you could use the one you already created or a new character then chose a couple of emotional states and get creative.
For instance, you could chose happiness, anger as well as sadness then write a paragraph or page of each character in a dialogue and the narrative each would use. 

Break language barriers

Breaking language barriers doesn’t mean coming up with new languages. The idea is to use unique language to describe popular occurrences and experiences. The good thing about creative writing is that you can alter someone’s perception of the world. For instance, you can choose to make the world more appealing or special to them or any way you want. The idea is to develop the skill of employing a unique narrative when telling a story.

How to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

Even though creative writing skills aren’t an inborn thing, they can be learned. Here are a few tips to improve your creative writing skills:

Read more

If you want to become a better writer, you have to be a good reader. Reading and writing are two conjoined twins. The good thing is that there are tons of reading materials out there. You can ready English novels, storybooks, online articles or other works written by other creative authors.

Play creative games

When it comes to improving your creative writing skills, even the most overlooked things count. For instance, not all people enjoy playing games but this simple exercise can help you improve your creativity especially when you play imaginative games.

Practice with creative writing prompts

To improve your creative writing skills, you have to practice constantly. In this case, don’t wait until you’re in the exam room. Find examples of creative writing prompts then keep practicing.

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