Top 7 Code Vein Best Weapons To Knock Down Enemies

Top 7 Code Vein Best Weapons To Knock Down Enemies

A Complete List of Code Vein Best Weapons. How to get the All Types of Code vein best weapons? However, their names are Queenslander Greatsword, Zweihander, The Two-handed swords, Oni Bane, Two-handed Hammer, The Huge Hammer, Burned war hammer, and Enduring Crimson…


Code vein best weapons are the type of weapons that the player is needed. Through code vein best weapons, the user or the player can get easily find the best weapons in the game. There are so many weapons available in the game. But with so many options and availability of weapons, the player can face many kinds of problems of finding and searching the code for vein best weapons for the game.

There are 5 best weapons in the code vein, most of the players are falling into the melee category. The melee category is also known as the surprise category. Also, These are the most powerful weapons in the game today we are covering the most powerful weapons topics. The weapons are beyond to goes swords to hammers.

The code vein best weapons list:

There is a long list of code vein best weapons for the players of the games. These usually very useful weapons so we discuss here briefly:

1) The Two-handed swords category in code vein best weapons:

The Two-handed swords Code Vein Best Weapons

The two-handed swords category has the two main weapons mentioned briefly here. In this article, we discuss and cover all the main weapons and gadgets of the game. The name of two-handed swords is Zweihander and Oni bane.

2) Zweihander in code vein best weapons:

Zweihander Code Vein Best Weapons

The name of the attack is Slash

The weight of the Zweihander weapon is 87. This is the most and best kind of two-handed sword known as a melee weapon. The melee weapon is known as the Zweihande. Also, These two-handed swords are very sharp and useful in the fight of battle with large monsters. However, The player can attack the big monsters with the help of this zweihander slay words. This weapon is very fantastic and strong against regular enemies and monsters.

How to get the Zweihander in code vein best weapon:

Zweihander is a kind of strong weapon but it is very tricky for obtaining the from the chest in the ruined city center or the player can easily paying the 3500 haze to the rin murasame; but this is not too known that is in front of the home base.

3) Oni Bane in code vein best weapons:

The name of attack of oni bane is slash and the weight is 78. Oni bane has the alike of zweihander’s. We can say that oni bane is the younger brother of Zweihander. But oni bane is very cruel and very fast other than Zweihander. And it creates a strong kind of damage. However, The weapon is superb perfect and it creates killing bosses. There are many mobile enemies found in the game. The oni bane matched with the venous claw blood very well.

How to get oni bane in code vein best weapons:

The player can get this weapon in the game when the player reaches the stage of 50 and trading points. Then these points are giving to the most powerful players of Yakumo shine. However, In the game, there are 3 most powerful players available for the fight in the battle. The town where are the player is easily found is known as the town of sacrifices.

4) Two-handed Hammer in code vein best weapons:

Two-handed Hammer Code Vein Best Weapons

There are two most powerful weapons found in the two-handed hammer. The name of the two-handed hammer is burned war hammer and huge hammer.

5) Burned war hammer:

Burned war hammer Code Vein Best Weapons

The name of the attack is crush and the attack is 72. Burned war hammers are the same as the greatswords. But the powerful game has a powerful attack. Also, This can do many devastating in the battle and war. The player can get the fully charged attacks of the game.

The burned war hammers are helping and deals with the fire damage in war. The burned war hammers are also like the physical attacks. Also, Burned war hammers are very effective against large enemies. 

How to get burned war hammer in code vein best weapons:

The burned war hammer is not purchasable. The burned war hammer can also found and search in the chest locations. This can be found easily at the Razed Cityscape in the city of falling flame. Also, These are the 2 lost assassins and the main purpose of these assassins is only protect the chest in the game.

5) The Huge Hammer:

The name of the attack is crush and the weight is 117. This is not like the burned war hammer this weapon is not like so many fancy weapons. The burned war hammer has the quality of fire elements. But the huge hammer is heavier than the earlier weapon

How to get the huge hammer in code vein best weapons:

The player cannot buy this huge hammer weapon from the NPC but when the player wants to get a hold on it. Then the player will need to dive into the ashen cavern at the place of the cathedral of the sacred blood city.

6) The one-handed sword:

The one-handed sword Code Vein Best Weapons

In code vein, the best weapons have one-handed weapons. The name of one-handed swords is enduring crimson and the Hanemukuro.

7) Enduring Crimson:

The name of the attack is slash or the pierce and the weight is 34. If the player did not want to have a heavy weapon, such as the great swords; and hammers which are mentioned above in the article. Then the player can build the strong type of builds and also effected wield enduring crimson.

How to get the enduring crimson in code vein best weapons:

The player can but the enduring crimson at the 50 points of the trade from the Loius companion. The companion can be found at the area of D-12 at the place of the ruined city underground.

The last words:

Code vein best weapons are very famous weapons which are some buyable and some are not to buy but they can found or search in the chest of the city. There are involved many cities that become assassins for their history and time, but the players can explore in the battle with enemies. Hanemukuro, the halberd, bardiche, black halberd, and bayonet, and riot breaker are the famous weapons that are used.

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