How to fix Chromecast Source not Supported – 6 Method for a Better Solution

How to fix Chromecast Source not Supported – 6 Method for a Better Solution

Chromecast Source not Supported can be Solved by Restarting the Devices & Wi-Fi Router, Turn off all Ad-Blockers and VPN, Installing the Latest Chrome Updates.

Thinking that your google chrome is not properly working and always giving the error of Chromecast Source not Supported; when you are facing this problem then you should follow these easy steps for removing the error from your desktop and PC. So here are the methods and steps for removing Chromecast Source not Supported.

What is Chromecast source supported?

This is the ongoing problem issue where many of the users are reporting daily; they are unable to casting since 79.0.3945—Blink 79. The user can be removing the Chromecast Source not Supported error from restarting your desired device laptop or PC. It includes the many devices of the user system. It can include the user’s Television, a WI-FI router, and computer/ mobile devices which you are wanting to cast. You can remove this problem from this easy step, you can turn off the television and personal computer; then unplug the chrome cast device which is connecting. The user should unplug the device and unplug its cord very carefully; after restarting the device and also attached its cord carefully. 

Chromecast Source not Supported is a normal problem?

Chromecast Source not Supported is a kind of problem which is very normal. And this error is reporting by many users on daily this article, we are giving our readers tried and tested methods to fix the chrome cast source not supported issue. The user can able to cast their devices by following this method. The user can able to cast YouTube, Netflix, and Disney, and many more search browsers without any problems. 

6 best ways for Chromecast Source not Supported problems?

6 best effective ways for Chromecast Source not Supported are following here in this article. So dive into this article and let’s explore all the best and possible ways of solving Chromecast Source not Supported.

1 To enabling mirroring service:

 This is the very best and effective method to remove and get rid of this error chrome cast source not supported. When any user has faced this issue on his google chrome browser; then he must sure to enable the mirroring service in your chrome browser. This is a popular and recommended method for chrome users. The mirroring service is not available and enabled by default in the chrome browser.

But the users of google chrome has also an option of chatting and contacting Google’s support team. However, But nowadays, the users are thinking that Google updates the mirroring services automatically in its latest chrome browser; but this is not like that, the latest google chrome browser has disabled the mirroring services in it. From this method, the user can able to handle this Chromecast Source not Supported error. 

2 Restart your Chromecast computer and Wi-Fi router:

The second method of removing the chrome cast source not supported is restarting the chrome browser and restarting the Wi-Fi router. The user should restart the required device, computer, and Wi-Fi router. Many of the users are claiming that when they restarting their computer and laptop devices along with their Wi-Fi router then they get rid of this error and problem easily. For removing this problem the user should follow these steps:

  1. First of all, turned off the TV with which the Chromecast is connected.
  2. Unplugged the chrome cast from the TV.
  3. Let’s turn off the Wi-Fi router.
  4. This step jumps you onto the computer (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and then restarting your machine now.
  5. Now turn on the Chromecast to your TV.
  6. This is the last step, the user can get permission to re-set upping everything with chrome again

3 Turning off all the ad-blocker and VPN settings

The 3rd method is turning off all the ad-blocker and VPN settings which are enabled and activated from the user to its chrome browser. Due to these ad-blockers and VPN settings, many users are reporting having this issue. The main issue is that the ad-blockers blocked all the pop-ups and stopping the JavaScript from working. And in this way Chromecast Source not Supported problem solved.

4 Enabling the cast media route provider option:

If the user is not activating the first option above which is mirroring service, then he should pick out this option which is enabling the cast media route provider option. This is the option that is very useful and very effective for resolving this issue. The user should also follow these steps:

  1. Open google chrome
  2. Type in Chrome: // flags in the browser and press enter.
  3. Press CTRL+F keys and then find the tools.
  4. Then enter in cast media route and press enter button. In this way, you can easily detect the problem and fixed it easily.

5 Installing the latest chrome updates:

To remove and handle this problem is can be solved by this effective method which is installing the latest chrome updates. Most of us and many google chrome users do not pay any attention to updating the new features and settings of chrome. We mostly ignored all the new updates and features. So we should take care of officially new updates and features for removing this Chromecast Source not Supported error.

6 Factory resetting the Chromecast Device:

This is the last method of solving this error. If this problem is not solved in any way then we should use this method of factory resetting the google Chromecast device. This is a very useful method of Chromecast Source not Supported. Factory resetting the Chromecast will find all the faults and can also give their better solutions.

 The last words on Chromecast Source not Supported:

The Chromecast Source not Supported is the very usual and normal-faced type of error. This error can be faced by every user of google chrome. We are mentioned the 6 best and effective ways to fix this problem. The user should also update all the new features and settings of chrome so that they never faced this kind of issue anymore in the future. The user should focus on the above-given detail and methods.

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