What are the Different Styles of Yoga Mats?

What are the Different Styles of Yoga Mats?

Yoga mats present multiple options. You can use it for your traditional yoga, working out, and for any other purpose you find to make it useful. Clark Rubber offers a wide variety of yoga mats.

To help you decide which yoga mat suits you, let’s walk you through its different styles and factors you should consider. 

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

The most common yoga mat style is natural rubber extracted from rubber trees. For example, this type of yoga mat contains a renewable resource and has no other synthetic material. Most yogis prefer natural rubber yoga mats because they are eco-friendly, offer great comfort, and are easy to grip. These yoga mats are also commonly antimicrobial, making them easy to clean.

Some few drawbacks of natural rubber yoga mats include having a heavyweight and taking quite a long time to dry when they become wet. Direct sunlight can also degrade natural rubber over time, and you might get irritated with its rubber smell when it’s brand new. 

PVC Yoga Mat

A common alternative to natural rubber yoga mats is those made from PVC. PVC mats are made from PVC resin powder, and they are generally cheaper. When the PVC material is high quality and high-density, these yoga mats provide thick cushioning and are moisture-resistance. They also offer great comfort and functionality, and they are relatively easy to clean. 

However, if you’re looking for an environmental-friendly yoga mat, this might not be for you. PVC can also release toxic substances when you accidentally burn them using a dryer machine. 

Wool Yoga Mat

It may be rare, but wool yoga mats are available too. They are smooth on their surface and generally comfortable lying down on. Wool yoga mats are commonly used for calmer yoga sessions such as meditation, relaxation, Yin Yoga, Mantra Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga. This material is also eco-friendly, durable, and long-lasting. 

Wool yoga mats are also known to have anti-static properties, repelling electrostatic waves that can disturb your inner peace when doing yoga. Thanks to wool’s regulative temperature, it can help you feel cool when the weather is hot and warm during colder days. 

Cotton Yoga Mat

The cotton used in making yoga mats is organic to ensure no pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used during their fabrication. Many love using cotton yoga mats because they are soft on the skin and more breathable than other materials. 

Cotton is also a great fabric for all types of yoga because it’s fluffy and has good cushioning. It also allows you to do more advanced positions like knee-level poses or headstands without worrying about hurting your joints. 

You also don’t have to worry about its odor when it’s brand new because cotton yoga mats are odor-free. They also won’t get stinky when they become wet due to your sweat working out or doing yoga. 

Acupressure Yoga Mat

Acupressure yoga mats are perfect for people who want to add acupressure practices and acupuncture principles to their yoga routine. These mats are covered with ergonomic knobs that can let you target essential pressure points with each yoga pose. They can perfectly provide pain relief associated with several medical conditions. 

Even when you’re not doing yoga, acupressure yoga mats can help produce endorphins to improve your mood. All you have to do is lie for a short time on your mat, and you’ll be feeling better in no time. They are also great options to relieve your headache or migraine while meditating or relaxing. 

Yoga Mat with Guiding Lines

Not all yoga mats have guiding lines that can help with body alignments. These yoga mats generally have a central line, allowing you to check whether your feet and hands properly aligned. They are ideal when you’re doing a lot of yoga training alone at home to maintain your alignment, even when there’s no instructor to check and correct you. 

The guiding lines on a yoga mat also help you prevent overstretching, gradually improving your flexibility and strength without causing any muscle strain and injury. 

TPE Yoga Mat 

TPE or thermoplastic elastomer yoga mats created out of polymers, a type of plastic containing elastic and thermal properties. However, TPE materials are easy to mold, extrude, and reuse, but you cannot recycle them. These yoga mats are generally better alternatives to PVC because they don’t contain any stabilizers, reinforcing agents, or cure systems like PVCs. 

TPE yoga mats are great options because they are easily washable, lightweight, and prevent bacterial growth. They are also affordable and easy to clean. However, because they still synthetic products, they not recommended when you want an eco-friendly option. 

Nowadays, TPE is commonly used with other materials when fabricating yoga mats. For instance, it’s the material of choice for a cotton or cork yoga mat’s bottom layer. 

EVA Yoga Mat 

EVA yoga mats made of ethylene-vinyl acetate, a lightweight synthetic material that’s also crack-resistant. After your yoga session, they best known for their moisture resistance and easy-to-clean property. However, choose the thicker options when choosing EVA yoga mats because the thin versions can stretch over time. 

The common disadvantages of EVA yoga mats are their odor and not being environmental-friendly. These yoga mats’ softness and pliability can wear out with frequent use, causing discomfort when doing yoga or working out. 

Cork Yoga Mat 

Another natural material made in fabricating yoga mats is cork. It’s derived from an oak tree’s cortex, and it’s a renewable resource that does not cause any damage to the trees when harvesting. 

Generally, cork yoga mats designed with another material (natural rubber or TPE) that’s non-slippery on their floor surface. They are also excellent for people with sensitive skin because of their anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic properties. Cork yoga mats are also relatively easy to clean, and they don’t accumulate sweat and dust like any other material. 

Choose the Right Yoga Mat For You

Yoga mats ensure your comfort and peace when doing your favorite yoga poses to calm your mind and soul. Several yoga mats are available anywhere, and you must choose one that suits your style and preference for your meditation and relaxation

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