What Are The Responsibilities Vested Upon A CSM And Why Must You Become One?

What Are The Responsibilities Vested Upon A CSM And Why Must You Become One?

Are There Any Specific Requirements to Become a Certified Scrum Master? What are the Reasons to Become a Certified Scrum Master?

The position of a scrum master has to put on different hats, starting from that of a coach, facilitator, to that of an enabler, problem solver, team leader. His responsibilities include providing the correct directions to the team so that they can reach their goal within the targeted deadline.

He or she is also responsible for correctly putting the Scrum framework into use to understand; achieve the ultimate goal of the project. In this article, we shall discuss the role of the Certified Scrum Master in a little more in detail; so that the purpose of the course can be truly realized.

1.      What are the responsibilities that are vested Upon the Certified Scrum Master?

Your role as a certified scrum master is to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the certified scrum master course. You need to promote in the team an agile approach to working. The ultimate goal is to implement the Scrum framework in the project. This is to cause a positive impact on the overall performance of the team. Your activities shall include:

  • Teaching the team the values and principles that the Scrum framework recommends. You will also need to make sure that they have been properly understood as well as adopted by the team members. Better still, if the entire organization can adopt it.
  • Implement the Scrum framework to make it seamlessly fit all of the needs expressed by your scrum team.
  • An important part of your role will be to listen, observe; as well as reflect upon the way that your Scrum team is adapting to the framework. Also, observe the way that your team is reacting to the changes that have taken place in the Scrum framework. Then you must accordingly select the scrum elements that have made a positive change and adapt them in the organization.
  • As a CSM, you must protect the members of your team from any outer influence or interference. This is solely to avoid any trouble that may come up during the project; and make them lose focus from their primary objective.
  • You will be required to anticipate, identify, and finally get rid of any kind of impediments that come up. You also need to train the members of your team on how to solve these kinds of situations on their own.
  • Another role is to help the product owner in the management of the product backlog to ensure that the time to market decreases. It is also to make sure that each one of the increments is ultimately bringing value to the end customer.
  • And last but not the least, your role as a certified scrum master will require you to act as a servant leader.

2.      Are There Any Specific Requirements to Become a Certified Scrum Master?

A prerequisite that might come in handy in your Certified Scrum Master course is having some basic knowledge about the Scrum framework.  However, the CSM course will also provide you the basics in the two-day mandatory step required to become a Certified Scrum Master.

It is hosted by a certified Scrum Trainer or a CST; this course shall thoroughly prepare you for the CSM exam by providing you with vital insights about this role. This course also prepares you with the in-hand experience; that is needed to organize as well as support a scrum team. The last step to becoming a Certified Scrum Master is to accept the license agreement; and then to create your profile on the Scrum Alliance membership website. 

3.      What are the Reasons to Become a Certified Scrum Master?

  • Your role as a certified scrum master is a way to give a boost to all your career opportunities. It is because the Agile framework is expanding its user base across every industry as well as an organization from all across the world.
  • A strongly correlated point is that there has been a drastic increase in digitalization and software usage. Along with it, the need for a CSM for software development has also reached a new high.
  • The course of a certified scrum master basically works as the foundation step. However, once you have gained a seamless knowledge of the Agile and Scrum framework; you can easily shift over to other roles in the Scrum framework as well.
  • Taking the course of a CSM will work as the beginning of a long journey. Here you will easily be able to connect with many more scrum users and practitioners from all across the world. Not only will you learn to share the best and most useful scrum practices; but you will also learn how to solve the most commonly prevailing issues of the scrum work environment.
  • Becoming a Certified Scrum Master teaches you how to promote the values of the Agile framework across the globe for its continuous improvement.
  • Last but not the least, you will learn all the basics of the Scrum framework; as well as about the wide scope that the role of a CSM offers. Since the certification is provided to you by the Scrum Alliance; it works as valid proof of your knowledge of the Scrum framework.

Final Word

All that you need to become a Certified Scrum Master is a strong belief and an interest in the Agile framework and its values. Not only will it help you in the pursuit of Scrum knowledge; but it will also help you to practice effectively, and make you stand out amongst other practitioners.

In order to pass the CSM exam and become a successful Certified Scrum Master; you will need a fluent knowledge of the Scrum Fundamentals. To get that, make sure that you attend the 2 day CSM course. We hope that this article helped you out to realize the true benefits of the CSM course and to achieve a brighter career!

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