Important things to Know About CBD Oil for Pets

Important things to Know About CBD Oil for Pets

How Does CBD Oil Affect Your Pets? How Much Cannabidiol is Okay for Dogs? Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil in Pets like Dogs. Since the legalization of cannabis in different countries, CBD oil is gradually becoming popular and readily available. If you live in such countries and have health problems such as pains or anxiety, chances are high that you have heard about cannabidiol. But did you know that your pets can also benefit from using it? In this article, we will discuss in detail everything you should know about CBD Oil in Pets and what it means for your pet.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an extract from cannabis plants, which could either be marijuana or hemp. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is also found in the cannabis plant, CBD cannot get your pet high. It is a recommended option for anxiety, pain, and other symptoms if the user does not want to experience any psychoactive effects.

For animals, the effects of consuming THC may be dangerous, which makes CBD oil a safe option. You can check out from petmd to read about the dangerous effects of THC in animals.

How Does CBD Oil Affect Your Pets?

CBD oil is regularly referenced as a valuable treatment for several health conditions; including arthritis, anxiety, and diseases such as cancer. Research is still ongoing on the utilization of cannabidiol in treating certain medical conditions, but there are various degrees of scientific proof for each case.


Arthritis, also known as Osteoarthritis, is quite possibly the most widely recognized inflammatory condition in pets. It is the inflammation of the joints, resulting in pain. Statistics show that 1 in 4 dogs will likely have arthritis in the course of their life.

Also, dogs as many as 60% have been confirmed to experience some level of arthritis. Studies have shown that cannabidiol can bring about significant relief from discomfort in animals suffering from arthritis when administered 2 times each day at appropriate dosages.


It is generally accepted that cannabidiol can reduce inflammation and pain. Therefore, it can indirectly reduce any anxiety that is caused by the same inflammation or pain.

However, cannabidiol isn’t psychoactive, that is, it cannot get your pet high. But it has been known to have a calming effect on anxious pets. That is the reason why the treatment of anxiety is listed as one of the benefits of this substance.


Researchers have studied the use of cannabidiol in humans suffering from cancer, both in the treatment of tumors and the side effects of chemotherapy. However, the number of studies on the utilization of cannabidiol for animals suffering from cancer is very limited.

Notwithstanding, cannabidiol possesses an anti-nausea effect that helps patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. This same effect has been seen in ferrets and rats, suggesting that pets can benefit from cannabidiol. You can visit this website to see other benefits of CBD oil in pets.

Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil in Pets

CBD Oil for Pets

Currently, there’s no scientific evidence to prove the side effects of cannabidiol oil for pets. But there are potential side effects that are deduced from how cannabidiol affects humans. To limit any expected side effects, ensure you don’t exceed the recommended dosage. The side effects include the following:

Dry Mouth

Cannabidiol causes a reduction in the production of saliva which results in an increase in thirst in your pets.

Low Blood Pressure

It may cause short sensations of dizziness, especially when ingested in high doses. High doses of cannabidiol oil can cause a short-term drop in blood pressure.


It is popular for pet owners to use CBD Oil for Pets to treat anxiety. Some studies have shown that it has a calming effect on their pets. This calming effect can cause slight drowsiness, particularly when used in high doses.

In general, cannabidiol doesn’t cause any harm when pets ingest it. But various studies show that it may lead to a significant increase in an essential blood liver value called ALP (alkaline phosphatase) when ingested in normal doses. Also, there are reports that exist about pets turning out to be sleepy or quiet when they receive high doses; however, those effects seem to disappear with time.

Furthermore, cannabidiol doesn’t seem to have counter-interactions when administered to canines that are on anti-inflammatory medication like Rimadyl. But you still need to consult your vet before administering cannabidiol oil to your pets if they are on any medication. This is because there’s a hypothetical danger of drug interactions as with all medications.

How Much Cannabidiol is Okay for Dogs?

Based on studies on utilizing CBD for pets with seizures or arthritis, the recommended dose is between 2 to 8 mg per kg of their body weight, two times each day. This dose is safe and quite effective for the conditions considered (seizures and arthritis). You can check out pethempcompany to get a dosage chart for the appropriate dose for your pet. However, an extra examination is expecte to assess the important measurements for cannabidiol in treating different conditions.


CBD oil has become a popular method of treating illnesses such as anxiety, arthritis, seizures, and even cancer in our pets. So many theories are circulating about CBD and its uses, and it is not certain what exactly is exaggerate, true and untrue.

Therefore, as a pet owner it is really important that before administering CBD oil to your pet, you must be aware of its benefits as well potential dangers. It is also important to consult a vet for more reliable information about CBD and what dosage to administer to your pet.

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