Really Biocentrism debunked?A true facts behind this

Really Biocentrism debunked?A true facts behind this

What is biocentrism? Is biocentrism debunked? First of all, biocentrism is the concept that believes the concept of consciousness is the key to the formation of the universe. However, there is not any empirical or scientific evidence to support it. It’s totally based on perception and philosophy. That’s why biocentrism was debunked.

This article will highlight all the concepts and misconceptions about biocentrism. Moreover, it will highlight all the reasons why biocentrism has been debunked.

What Is Biocentrism?

Deepak Chopra and Robert Lanza actually give the idea and concept of biocentrism. It actually explains how the universe came into existence. However it actually creates the concept that biocentrism is true, in which consciousness is the basis of universe formation. Moreover it actually relates to the fact that biology is the main center for all the sciences. Additionally, they confirm that this universe is the result of consciousness.

Biocentrism Debunked: Is It True Or False?

According to this theory, biology is the main science behind the universe, replacing physics. However, life is based on consciousness. However, everything else, like matter, is secondary to its formation. Moreover, it’s been the basic topic for scientists and researchers for years about the concept of biocentrism. That’s why some people believe in the story of biocentrism. However, most people don’t believe in the story of biocentrism. They consider it a biocentrism debunked.

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Supporting Elements For Biocentrism

However, it is not a clear theory, but some still believe it due to some supporting elements. That are;

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  1. According to this theory, consciousness (biology) is the main foundation behind it.
  2. Due to this biocentrism concept, eventually human beings will be conscious.
  3. Additionally, it includes the whole concept and ideas of universal fine tuning.
  4. Life and consciousness are the main keys that are actually forming the foundation of the universe.
  5. However, dualism and materialism are the physical theories that define the concept of consciousness.
  6. It explains that the universe is not actually formed due to particles random collection. However that’s why the biocentrism debunked.
  7. Moreover, it comprises such a system that is helpful to evolve life. Even after all of these concepts have been debunked, biocentrism still exists.

Seven Principles Of Lanza That Make The Core Of Biocentrism

In 2009, Berman and Lanza introduced their book on core principles. However, they are controversial. These principles mention the basics for supporting the biocentrism concept. Moreover it includes the philosophical concepts that are actually the core nature of this biocentrism theory.

Supporting Elements For Biocentrism Debunked

  1. This theory and concept are not actually supported by any kind of empirical formula.
  2. There is no mathematical explanation for this.
  3. However, many scientists support the concept of biocentrism, but there is still no scientific evidence to support it.

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  1. Additionally, it is not a testable theory.
  2. Tests are the basic requirement for the theory.
  3. It comprises false understandings and concepts of physics.
  4. According to this theory, the universe is not actually a physical entity in any case.
  5. Moreover, this theory is based only on mental constructs.
  6. This concept does not actually support the current studies in physics.
  7. According to physics, it’s a physical thing that can be measured.

Is It Sure That Biocentrism Debunked?

However, it gives extraordinary highlights to the universal concept, but it’s still considered a false story. However, there are certain grounds for proving a theory. Moreover, this theory does not support any kind of formula. Additionally, it is not providing any type of testable prediction. That’s why this theory is unable to support its concept due to a lack of proof. However, it is not reliable due to its basis in false physics. Hence, due to all these reasons, Biocentrism debunked.

Why Is Biocentrism Not Acceptable? Reasons For Biocentrism Debunked

Due to the following reasons, the concept of biocentrism is not acceptable:

1. Concept Of Consciousness

This biocentrism concept depends on consciousness. The theory can’t be based on philosophy or personal assumptions. Additionally, our current knowledge, including cosmology and physics, doesn’t support the concept of consciousness.

2. Biology Is Not The Centre Of The Universe.

The biocentric theories are totally reliant on the concept of theories that revolve around and completely depend on the concept of biology. That means the center of everything lies in biology.

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3. Lack Of Tests

This theory is not testable. Instead of this, scientific theories always require testable predictions. That’s why, in place of any empirical evidence or further details, it completely relies on and revolves around the concepts of assumptions and philosophy.

4. Biocentrism Doesn’t Match The Current Scientific Theories.

Biocentrism contradicts the two main scientific theories, which are:

1. Quantum mechanics

2. Theory of relativity

The current scenarios and all of the theories are actually not supporting this theory overall. The quantum theory explains l of subatomic particles exist and form. However, theory, or relativity, explains the velocity and gravitational concepts overall. That’s why not a single scientific theory supports the concept of biocentrism. That’s why biocentrism debunked.

5. Consciousness Is Not Necessary For The Universe.

Scientists who believe in the concept of biocentrism can’t imagine the universe without consciousness. However, it’s important to relate it to the physics law and the big bang theory. That’s why they believe and think that it’s the major component of biocentrism. However, there are no calculations or formulas actually supporting this concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Criticisms Of Biocentrism?

Rather than protecting the environment, its implementation leads to devastation. However, there are not any kinds of experiments that can be tested. It does not include any kind of empirical formula.

Q. How Does Biocentrism View Death?

Death is just the shifting from one form to another in the universe. It is basically the energy shift that is available during biocentrism.

Q. Who Believed In Biocentrism?

Many scientists still believe in the concept of biocentrism. People like Berkeley, Kant, Schopenhauer, Descartes, and Bergson believed in this concept.

Q. Who Discovered Biocentrism?

Robert Lanza introduces this concept of biocentrism.

Concluding Thoughts:

Basically, biocentrism is the idea that ensures the importance of consciousness, which is the basis of the formation of the universe. However, it is a philosophical theory based on perceptive evidence. There is a need for scientific proof for any theory, which biocentrism lacks. There is no empirical evidence or scientific support for biocentrism, due to which biocentrism debunked. For more info must visit


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