9 Things That Annoys You the Most on Your Computer

9 Things That Annoys You the Most on Your Computer

Computers are meant to make our work easy, but similar to any other digital device, they too are prone to errors. From unpredictable reboots to annoying notifications, you might have already experienced several errors that are aggravating but easy to fix at the same time. 

Let’s learn about these common errors that sometimes hamper the smooth workflow and the possible ways to fix them without contacting professional assistance. 

Computer Won’t Turn on

You press the power button, but nothing happens even after waiting for a few seconds. Connect the device to another power outlet and try to boot it once again. If still nothing happens, leave it for a couple of minutes and then retry. 

If you are still not able to turn on your computer, there may be a hardware breakdown, and you may lose access to data stored in the computer. On a desktop computer, the adapter can be at fault, while you may need to replace the battery if you are using a laptop.

Trackpad Not Working

The trackpad on your Mac is a great productivity tool that amplifies your work tasks. Despite sifting between the magic mouse and the keyboard, you can utilize multi-touch trackpad gestures to make your work easy and efficient. Though this is rare, the trackpad stops working all of a sudden, and you find it difficult to handle various tasks on your Mac. 

If this is something you are facing right now, navigate to System Preferences on your computer to fix the issue. You may need to reset the trackpad or disable force click to make it work normally. You may check out https://setapp.com/ to gain detailed information on fixing the trackpad-related problems. 

Laptop Turn On/Off Frequently

Nothing is more frustrating than a laptop that turns on and off repeatedly, stopping you from carrying out your daily computing tasks. You need to fix it immediately before it turns into a more severe issue, leaving your laptop in a seriously damaged situation. 

Check if any application is preventing your laptop from functioning normally, or there might be a hardware breakdown. Also, check if the hardware drivers are up to date or install them from a legitimate website to fix the problem.

Computer Shuts Down Suddenly 

Things That Annoys You the Most on Your Computer

If your computer shuts down abruptly, it leads to data loss. You won’t be able to locate the unsaved files as they get deleted from the system. Computers display sudden shot-down issues due to operating system glitches. Updating the OS can help resolve the problem, and the computer will start functioning normally.

If it’s not the operating system that is causing the error, check if there is an unfamiliar app running in the background. You need to go to the Task Manager if you are using Windows or the Activity Monitor in the case of macOS to identify the app. 

Keyboard Keys Out of Order

When your keyboard is not working, you cannot work efficiently on your computer. Digital or virtual computers can be the alternative, but they are a difficult choice. You become accustomed to using your regular keyboard over time, and any kind of inconsistencies affect the overall workflow. 

In this case, the problem is with the keyboard only; so you’d need to take out the keys that are not working properly. Clean the keytops and remove any dust that might have accumulated in the tiny sections of the keyboard. Before you remove the keys, don’t forget to capture an image so that you can put the keys back in a proper manner. 

Battery Not Charging Properly

If you are using a laptop, that’s certainly the most frustrating thing that stops you from accessing your data. Also, If you are facing any battery-related issues on your laptop; check if the power outlet and the adapter are in good condition before you spend hours rectifying the issue in the laptop.

If the power switch and the adapter work perfectly, check for signs of damage in the cord. If you see nothing that is preventing the laptop from charging, the battery itself is at fault. Before you purchase a new battery for your laptop; take it to the service center to check the charging point is working properly. 

Computer Slows Down Often

As soon as you open a photo-editing app, your computer slows down unexpectedly. If this happens to you, you need to optimize your computer to make sure it runs properly. There might be multiple high-end apps running in the background and consuming resources such as memory, storage, processing power, and more. 

You need to quit these unnecessary apps that are no longer required. Quitting them will allow you to claim the resources that these apps release. The system will later allocate these resources to other important processes and apps so that they can run seamlessly. So, you may not find any functional problems with the photo-editing app the next time you open it. 

Internet Working Slowly

Things That Annoys You the Most on Your Computer

Another major issue that affects the smooth functioning of your computer. When the internet is not working, you are not able to browse the web; open apps that work in online mode, or access data stored on the cloud. In today’s digital era, most computing tasks demand smooth internet connectivity to work properly. 

If the internet is not working, check that the WiFi modem or router is working appropriately. Check if all the lights are blinking properly. Reset the wireless devices to make them work as desired. Also, you may need to enhance the internet speed by contacting the service provider so that you won’t find bandwidth issues while working on high-end tasks. 

Computer Heats Up Excessively

If you find that the processing unit or the laptop is heating up excessively; the situation can be annoying but demands immediate action too. There might be too many apps running in the background that are consuming resources; which in turn raises the device temperature to a great extent. 

In this case, visit the Task Manager to check all running processes and disable the unnecessary ones. On macOS, go to Activity Monitor and quit apps that you no longer need. Other than the apps, the possibilities are that the fan in the device is not working smoothly. So, you need to check if the fan is expelling air appropriately; else, you need to replace it.

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