6 Celebrities Who Use CBD and Love It!

6 Celebrities Who Use CBD and Love It!

Cannabis has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. It’s first documented use can be traced back to 2800BC, when it was listed in the Emperor Shen Nung’s Pharmacopeia. 

When you take this into account, we realise that the era of cannabis prohibition is but a speck – a drop in the ocean – compared to the remainder of human history where cannabis has not been outlawed. 

This is slowly changing, with legislation loosening around the world and legalisation appearing inevitable. 

That said, one particular derivative of cannabis that has already experienced widespread acceptance is cannabidiol. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has been recognised as an over-the-counter (OTC) medicine in a host of countries across the globe. There are a number of reasons why it is becoming increasingly popular amongst the population, and it is no different when it comes to the rich and famous. 

Before we reveal the 6 biggest CBD advocates of the celebrity world, let us clarify exactly what CBD is. 

What is CBD? 

To begin with, CBD is one of over 100 different phytocannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. In the EU, CBD is typically derived from industrial hemp plants, as these have a THC content below 0.2%.

THC, otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the dominant psychoactive compound found within the cannabis plant. This is responsible for the “high” often depicted in popular culture – think red eyes and gargantuan bags of crisps. 

CBD is a close cousin of THC, but is non-psychoactive, meaning that it does not cognitively impair the user. At the same time, it retains a glut of health benefits that range from anti-inflammation to anti-aging, to anti-anxiety and even helping sleep. 

The recent explosion of the CBD industry has led to rampant innovation in terms of product development. While CBD oil was once the only widely available CBD product, you can now find CBD vapes, topical CBD patches that work like nicotine patches (delivering CBD directly into your bloodstream) and even CBD lube! 

CBD patches in particular have become increasingly popular due to their ease of use, simplicity of dosage and long-lasting nature (most last around 24 hours). Popular UK CBD brand Cannacares offer a range of such products, including the most popular CBD patches in Europe. They also offer a subscription service which allows you to save 20% on each order and means that you will never forget to stock up again! Even better, they offer a 20% discount to all first-time shoppers using the code FIRSTONE. You can visit their online store and browse their industry-leading CBD products at https://www.cannacares.co.uk/. They also ship worldwide! 

Now, let us move on to discuss the 6 biggest CBD advocates of the celebrity scene!  

Kim Kardashian

Perhaps the celebrity of the 21st century, American model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian is one of the most prominent users of CBD in the world today. 

She even held a CBD-centric baby shower for the birth of her youngest son, Psalm West that she shared with her Instagram following that exceeds 300 million people. 

Kim has revealed that CBD has been paramount in helping her manage the twin stresses of raising a young family while juggling a billion-dollar business empire. In a 2019 interview she is quoted as saying “It’s gotten me through a lot”

In the same interview, she then goes on to explain her love for topical CBD products such as face creams and serums, while stating “Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything!”

Tom Hanks

Unique to this list, Tom Hanks has gone above and beyond in his contribution to the furthering of CBD acceptance and innovation by teaming up with Cornell University student Heather Pyces. 

Together, they are investigating the effects of CBD on type 2 diabetes, a disease that Hank himself struggles with. 

He also, like many of us today, suffers with anxiety. He has gone on record to state how he has countered this through his use of CBD when stating “The first time I ever tried CBD was to help sooth my anxiety. So I gave CBD oil a try. It was a huge relief for me to feel like myself, yet the edge was gone. A bonus to the whole thing was the relief from various aches and pains I have. Especially the arthritis in my knees. It immediately alleviated 90% of my pain.”

It would appear that Tom is a big fan of the range of therapeutic benefits that CBD can provide. 

Jennifer Aniston 

America’s sweetheart and perhaps one of the most popular actors of her generation; thanks in part to her role as Rachel Greene in Friends, is a regular CBD user. 

In a 2018 interview with US weekly she explained how “CBD has all the benefits of marijuana, without the high”. She goes on to explain that “CBD helps with pain, stress and anxiety” among many other things. 

What’s more, she also stated that CBD has shown her that there is always hope – even during the most testing of times.

Morgan Freeman

The indomitable Morgan Freeman was incredibly lucky to survive a horrifying car crash back in 2008, however it did not end there. 

Unfortunately, Freeman has had to deal with the ongoing consequences of this in the years since and this has not curtailed. As a result of the crash, he has developed fibromyalgia; which is a debilitating chronic condition that manifests in near-constant pain and fatigue. 

Thankfully for Freeman, he found effective relief from the condition in the form of cannabis-based medication – largely through CBD. This has led to him becoming a major advocate of the plant in the years since the crash. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

American actor, turned entrepreneur, Gwyneth Paltrow offers a range of CBD products through her lifestyle brand Goop. 

Although vagina-scented candles will naturally steal much of the attention; Goop offer a range of CBD products including oils, hemp seed and serum. There is also a great deal of educational content on the Goop website around the therapeutic benefits of CBD. 

In Gwyneth’s own words, she describes cannabis as “the hero ingredient of the future”. Furthermore, she is also an investor in the CBD drink brand Cann. 

Whoopi Goldberg

Perhaps one of the biggest names in the American celebrity scene; Whoopi Goldberg is one of the biggest voices behind the advocation of cannabis-based care. 

It is not all lip service however! In 2016, she started her own CBD brand called Whoopi and Maya in collaboration with Om Edibles founder Maya Elisabeth. 

Whoopi and Maya started the brand in order to improve the lives of middle-aged women and develop products specifically catered towards dealing with the issues of aging among women, including menopausal discomfort and nerve pain. 

Although the company closed its doors in 2020 after a board dispute, Whoopi’s CBD usage has continued. She has gone on record to state that she uses CBD every day for pain relief; stress relief and to manage her glaucoma. 


Although this article contains just a few examples; there are a whole host of celebrities around the world who regularly use CBD. While many are likely afraid to speak up due to fears of their ‘brand’ being damaged as a result of misplaced stigma, there is no doubt that many more users are out there. 

Despite the fact that the majority of us hate to admit it; celebrities do indeed dictate many of the choices we make in life. Nowhere is this truer than in relation to health trends and daily self-care. 

A fast-growing bank of research coupled with rapidly collective attitudes across the globe; means that the rise of CBD looks set to continue. There are a wide range of benefits and with a distinct lack of prevalence regarding side effects, CBD is most definitely worth a try. Why not visit the Cannacares website today and see for yourself? 

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